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Model: BM0017

Home Use Infrared Sensor w/ System Protection Timer Automatic Urinal Flusher


  • Infra-red Sensor Activation
  • Adjustable Sensing Field by Magnet
  • Trap Seal Protection
  • PP
  • System Protection Timer
  • 24H System Protection Timer

    Trap Seal Protection:

    • Automatic Urinal Flusher will Flush Automatically Every 24 Hours to Avoid the Odor Returning To Prevent Sewer Gas Infiltration Into Occupied Spaces.

    Product Specifications:

    Inlet Connection: G1/2"
    Water Supply Pressure: 0.5Bar - 8Bar
    Power Consumption: DC<=0.2mW; AC<=2W
    Power Supply: DC: 6V(4*AA Alkaline Battery); AC: 100V-240V, 50-60HZ; DC & AC
    Sensing Distance: 60-70cm (to White Board)

    How to Use

    • The device will start after sensing the person for more than 1 second, if less than 1 second, it will not start.
    • In the normal operation, there is a two-stage flush.
    • When the person enters the sensing range for more than one second, the device will start first-stage flush of 3 seconds
    • When the person leaves the sensing range, the device will start second-stage flush of 6 seconds
    • The device will perform only one stage flush or two stage flush according to the use frequency.
    • After the first using, if another person comes into the sensing range to use within 10 seconds, after the person leaves, the device will just perform one-stage flush of 8-11 seconds.
    • If another person comes into the sensing range to use after 10 seconds, the device will perform two stage flush including first-stage and second-stage.

    Delivery Time:

    • 7 to 15 days for sample production
    • 30 to 45 days for bulk production based on different quantities.

    Packing Details (Standard Export Packing):

    1. Neutral Paper Box or Customized Packing Design
    2. One Piece Per Box, 8 Boxes In One

    Payment Terms:

    • By T/T, LC, Western Union Etc.


    • International Express, DHL, TNT, UPS, FEDEX, By Air, By Sea or as customers' requests

    Customized Service:

    • OEM and ODM service supported



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