• LT0047 Faucet
  • LT0047 Faucet
Model: LT0047

360°”Touch me” Capacitive Sensing Activation Environment Automatic Tracking Faucet

  • Windowless Capacitive Sensing Activation
  • 360 Degrees Sensing Field around the Faucet Body
  • Self-adjusting to Its Installation Environment
  • Timeout Protection
  • Chrome Plated Finish
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Product Specifications:

Power Consumption (Standby): DC<=0.2mW; AC<=2W
Inlet Connection: G1/2″ G3/8″ 9/16″
Water Supply Pressure: 0.5Bar – 8Bar
Power Supply: DC: 6V (4*AA Alkaline Battery); AC: 100V-240V, 50-60HZ; DC & AC
Sensing Field: 360 degrees
Response Time(Open)<=1s Response Time(Close)<2s

Adjustment of Sensor Distance by Magnet:

Delivery Time:

Packing Details (Standard Export Packing):

  1. Neutral Paper Box or Customized Packing Design
  2. One Piece Per Box, 8 Boxes In One

Payment Terms:


Customized Service:



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