• LT0170 Faucet
Model: LT0170

Touch-less Dual Sensor Tech Temperature Control Integrated Automatic Faucet

  • Wave Sensor Activation, Wave On/Off(Top Sensor Window) at faucet side for contiguously water.
  • Infra-red Sensor Activation at spout for instantly water
  • Temperature control by Knob
  • Timeout Protection
  • Chrome Plated Finish
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Difference between Wave Sensor and Infra-red Sensor

Wave Sensor Activation: Wave within the Sensor Range Once, Turn on Faucet, Water Will Flow Out; Wave Again (Still the Same Sensor), Turn Off Faucet or Automatically Turn Off after One Minutes(According to Default Setting), Water Will not Flow Out(Timeout Protection)

Infra-red Sensor Activation: Hands within the Sensing Range, Turn on Faucet, Water Will Flow Out, Hands are Outside the Sensing Range, Turn off Faucet automatically, Water Will not Flow Out.

Intelligent Identification Different Sensor Activation

Product Specifications:

Adjustment of Sensor Distance by Magnet:

Delivery Time:

Packing Details (Standard Export Packing):

  1. Neutral Paper Box or Customized Packing Design
  2. One Piece Per Box, 8 Boxes In One

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