Italian Bathroom Faucets Brands

Italian Bathroom Faucets Brands

Italy is known for the bathroom faucet brands that offer luxurious and high-quality faucets. In this article, we will show you which brands are the best.

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Like the rest of the home products, bathroom faucets are also essential. It needs to be stylish as it enhances the elegance of the bathroom. 

Quality is also a significant factor in choosing a bathroom faucet. It is better to have a classic bathroom faucet that will last longer than a stylish substandard faucet. 

With regards to brands, all of them will promise you the same thing. But how can customers be which brand to trust? 

Italy is known for the bathroom faucet brands that offer luxurious and high-quality faucets. In this article, we will introduce the Italian bathroom faucet brands that can be imported for your business.

List of the Italian Bathroom Faucet Brands

In this section, you’ll find the summary of the Italian Bathroom Faucet brands that offer the finest faucets to elevate your bathroom style.

  1. Fortis 
  2. Italia Faucets
  3. Devon&Devon
  4. House of Rohls
  5. DueGi
  6. Bongio
  7. Gessi
  8. Axor

Italian Bathroom Faucet Brands with the Best Reviews

1. Fortis

Type of Business: Manufacturer  

Location (Headquarters): 19701 Da Vinci Lake Forest, CA 92610

Year Founded: 1954 

Products offered: Single handle, wall mount, widespread, and vessels are the types of bathroom faucets you can choose from in Fortis’ collection.

Annual Revenue: US$1 Million to US$5 Million 



Source: FORTIS 

Mario Paini created the Italian business Fortis in 1954.

All of Fortis’ products are created entirely in Italy. As their customers and corporate clients continue to patronize their items, they’ve proven to be one of the greatest.

Fortis bathroom faucets are made of high-quality metal materials. This guarantees that their bathroom faucets will survive longer than standard faucets. Their one-of-a-kind designs are a mix of modern and traditional styles that work in any bathroom.

Fortis products have met and exceeded the requirements for bathroom faucets. They acquired quality assurance certifications from both local and international organizations.

NSF Lead-free Certified, Cec Compliant, Meets Epa Watersense Standards, and CSA Compliant are just a few of the certifications they have.

Fortis Bathroom Faucets:

  • Single Handle Faucets
  • Bathtubs and shower  Faucets
  • Installation types are Wall Mount, Widespread, Vessel 
  • Efficient bathroom faucets in elegant designs
  • Contemporary and Traditional styles
  • Different finishes are available

2. Italia Faucets

Type of Business: Manufacturer, supplier, distributor 

Location (Headquarters): 2505 Anthem Village Dr. Suite E, Henderson, Nevada, 89052, United States 

Year Founded: 2012   

Products offered: Luxury designer plumbing appliances and faucets 

Annual Revenue: $980,000 


Italia Faucets, Inc logo 

Source: Italia Faucets  

Italia Faucets is an Italian manufacturer of bathroom faucets which was established in 2012. Italia Faucets is the parent company of the Italia, Fontaine, and Brienza brands. Each bathroom faucet is entirely made in Italy.

The business sells and manufactures fashionable bathroom faucets that go with a variety of bathroom designs. Italia Faucets also makes faucets that can withstand high water pressure and varying temperatures. 

Italia Faucets Bathroom Faucet Options:

  • 4 in Centerset Faucets
  • 8 in Widespread Faucets
  • Single Hole Faucets
  • Wall Mount Faucets
  • Finest bathroom faucets from Adalias, Arts et Metiers Bellver, Builder series, Chatelet, Moncalieri, Montbeliard, Palais royal, Republique, S series, Saint-Lazare, Varrene, and Vincennes collections
  • Finished with different materials

3. Devon&Devon

Type of Business: Manufacturer

Location (Headquarters): Via di Casellina 61D – 50018 Scandicci, Firenze, Italy

Year Founded: 1989   

Products offered: Bathroom Faucets and other home products 

Annual Revenue: $147,412 USD

Devon&Devon Logo

Source: Devon&Devon

Devon&Devon is an Italian company formed by two architects from the country. The Italcer Group now owns the brand. Devon&Devon’s products are designed to solve modern-day concerns with bathroom faucets

To withstand high pressures and harsh temperatures, their faucets are made with high-quality materials. Some of the materials are stainless steel, brass, nickel, and chrome.

Devon&Devon’s Bathroom Faucet Collection:

  • Single Hole Faucets
  • 3 Hole Faucets
  • 3 Hole Faucets
  • Wall Mount Faucets
  • Floor Mount Faucets
  • Sophisticated designs that complements all types of bathroom
  • Available in several finishes

4.House of Rohl

Type of Business: Manufacturer

Location (Headquarters):  Irvine, California

Year Founded: 1989   

Products offered: Bathroom Faucets and other home products 

Annual Revenue: $19.1 Million


House of Rohl Logo

Source: House of Rohl

House of Rohl is an Italian company that sells a variety of bathroom faucets and other household goods. Louis Rohl created the company in 1897. Since then, House of Rohl has dedicated its skills to create classic and sophisticated bathroom faucets.

To ensure the quality and perfection of its products, the company employs sophisticated engineering.

The company is constantly coming up with new ideas to improve the service that its products deliver. The best artists and engineers are hired to work on new innovative faucets to ensure safety and efficiency.

House of Rohl’s Bathroom Faucet Options:

  • Wall Mount, Widespread, Centerset, and Deck installations
  • Single Handle Faucets
  • Modern and Traditional designs
  • Different finishings are available
  • Best bathroom faucets from Acqui, Arcana, Bellia, Campo, Ciclo, Classic, Deco, Eclissi, Edge, Equinox, Georgian Era, and other collections

5. DueGi

Type of Business: Manufacturer, supplier 

Location (Headquarters): DueGi Rubinetterie S.r.l, Via Roma, 27, 28013 Gattico NO, Italy   

Year Founded: 1991   

Products offered: Kitchen faucets, bathroom mixers, and showers. 

Annual Revenue: Less than $5 MillionDueGi Logo

Source: DueGi  

DueGi was founded in 1991 and began manufacturing products emphasizing Italian design and quality throughout Saudi Arabia. 

During that period, DueGi products have undergone significant changes to offer the best products. They make sure that their bathroom faucets are innovative, aesthetic, and are functional solutions. Furthermore, they must be environmentally conscious and responsive to market demands. 

To comply with global water standards, this brand’s items are produced entirely of brass. As a result, the kitchen faucets are corrosion-resistant and long-lasting.

DueGi has established a household name for sanitary taps, including mixers, showers, and accessories, over the years.

DueGi Bathroom Faucet Options:

  • Single Handle Faucets
  • Wall Mount and Deck Mount Faucets
  • Bathtub and Shower Faucets
  • Premium and stylish Faucets made
  • Available in lots of finishing
  • Different styles available in their collections

6. Bongio

Type of Business: Manufacturer 

Location (Headquarters): Aldo Moro, 2, San Maurizio D’Opaglio, Piedmont, 28017, Italy   

Year Founded: 1936 

Products offered: Bathroom Faucets and Sanitary wares 


Bongio Logo

Source: Bongio

Bongio is a well-known Italian brand founded by Mario Bongio, which started as a small manufacturing company in 1936. 

Bongio has evolved under the leadership of his son, Antonio Bongio. The company has chosen to follow a path of innovation, quality, and design. It has grown to become one of Italy’s most recognizable companies, producing hundreds of iconic and notable bathroom faucets.

Bongio Bathroom Faucet Options:

  • Single Handle Faucets
  • Wall and Floor Mounting Faucets
  • Widespread Faucets
  • Classic and Iconic styles

7. Gessi

Type of Business: Manufacturer

Location (Headquarters): DueGi Rubinetterie S.r.l, Via Roma, 27, 28013 Gattico NO, Italy   

Year Founded: 1991   

Products offered: Kitchen faucets, bathroom mixers, and showers. 

Annual Revenue: Less than $5 Million

Gessi Logo

Source: Gessi

Gessi began in 1992. It was founded by Umberto Gessi together with his son Gian Luca. They entered into the manufacturing industry to challenge the established brands.

Gessi’s “Made in Italy” bathroom goods and accessories are created to become environmentally-friendly while fulfilling customer needs. 

Today, Gessi is known worldwide for its stylish bathroom designs in a variety of settings.

Gessi Bathroom Faucet Options:

  • Single Handle Faucets
  • Widespread Faucets
  • Wall Mount Faucets
  • Automatic Faucets with Sensors
  • Designer and Luxurious bathroom faucets for every bathroom style
  • Multiple finishing

8. Axor

Type of Business: Manufacturer

Location (Headquarters):  Schiltach, Germany

Year Founded: 1993

Products offered: Bathroom Faucets and accessories

Annual Revenue: €1.077 Billion



Source: AXOR

Axor was founded in 1993. Its goal is to create one-of-a-kind and timeless bathroom taps or faucets. Axor has established itself as a professional brand that creates elegant and sophisticated faucets.

Faucets were created using advanced technology. They have automated faucets that save a significant amount of water.

Axor has collaborated with well-known designers and engineers to create the best bathroom faucets available.

Axor’s Bathroom Faucet Collection:

  • Single Handle Faucets
  • Push Open Faucets
  • 3 Hole Faucets
  • Floor Mount and Wall Mount Faucets
  • Unique bathroom faucet designs made with high-quality materials
  • Numerous finishings available for every bathroom faucet

Importing Bathroom Faucets from China

Bathroom Faucets from China are known for their high quality and exquisite appearance. Consumers and other business establishments are now looking to this country for these products. 

If you need to import bathroom faucets from China as well, go for a trusted brand.

Xiamen OLT Logo

Source: Xiamen OLT 

Xiamen OLT is a multi-national company that specializes in developing unique and high-quality faucets. They design sophisticated products and manufacture them using advanced technology under the brand name TCK. 

Their products have several sensors to monitor the temperature, pressure, and flow of water. The automatic bathroom faucets that they offer are designed to optimize water consumption and easier installation.

More than half of their products are being exported to different countries due to high demands.

Available Bathroom Faucets:


The goal of this article is to offer you a list of the best Italian bathroom faucet brands. As we acquired and examined all of the data, we were able to narrow down the list of brands from Italy. You can trust the manufacturer listed above to provide you with the most stylish, durable, and creative products at a reasonable price.

For additional information, go to, where you’ll find a large selection of kitchen faucets at a low price.

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