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Many people often feel that they are wasting too much time and effort to discover the best kitchen faucet brands in the UK. If you think you are doing the same, we recommend you to read this blog as we provide details of the kitchen faucet manufacturers that supply the best quality kitchen faucets.

Selecting the right kitchen faucet that is reliable, fashionable, and easy to install has become relatively crucial. It is because the kitchen taps hold significant importance in terms of usage and cooking space’s aesthetic. 

However, to meet the requirements of all the customers, there are several kitchen tap brands, making it troublesome for you to pick the best one. Understanding this common problem, we are here to give you the list of the 5 best-rated kitchen tap manufacturing brands in the UK. PS. If you are eager to source decent quality, durable kitchen faucets with ingenious designs from China, we suggest you select Xiamen OLT Co., Ltd. This brand is a famous kitchen tap manufacturing company in China. We export our products to several countries across the world, such as Australia, Spain, Thailand, India, Canada, and more. Check this link to get a FREE quote about our brand.


List of the Top 5 Tap Faucet Brands in the UK 

If you are highly curious about the best kitchen tap brands in the UK, get a quick view here:  

  1. Rangemaster 
  2. Just Taps 
  3. Bristan 
  4. Caple 
  5. Abode


Best Rated Kitchen Tap Brands in the UK  


1. Rangemaster

Type of Business Manufacturer, supplier
Location (Headquarters) Rangemaster, Station Road, Ketley, Telford, Shropshire, TF1 5AQ, United Kingdom 
Year Founded 1922
Products offered Kitchen faucets, kitchen sinks, cookers, built-in appliances, and other accessories.
Annual Revenue: $503 Million
Certificates: BS EN ISO 9001, WRAS certified, EN ISO 14001, CE certification, and EN 13310.


Rangemaster Logo

Rangemaster is a well-known and one of the oldest kitchen tap manufacturing companies. The brand delivers a wide variety of kitchen products, including kitchen taps in various collections.  

The brand features plenty of pull-out faucets and 4-in-1 hot water faucet models. Kitchen taps are available in different finishes, such as chrome, matt black, brushed, brushed brass, and more. 

The kitchen tap manufacturing company produces high-quality kitchen faucets with solid brass construction. All the kitchen taps are developed in the manufacturing plant located in the United Kingdom. The brand supplies kitchen taps to various regions across the world. 

Kitchen Faucet Options 

  • Numerous collections of water filter kitchen taps   
  • Available in both dual-lever handle design and single-lever models  
  • Various kitchen taps have a ceramic disc cartridge and a honeycomb aerator. 


2. Just Taps

Type of Business Manufacturer, distributor
Location (Headquarters) Unit 3, Tomo Industrial Estate, Packet Boat Lane, Cowley Uxbridge, United-Kingdom, UB8 2JP 
Year Founded 1992
Products offered Kitchen faucets, sinks, radiators, furniture, washbasins, and shower accessories.
Annual Revenue: <$5 Million
Certificates: SSL certificate


Just Taps Logo

Just Taps is another leading kitchen tap manufacturer and distributor in the United Kingdom. This brand is quite popular and has high-end clients from around the world, including large companies, interior designing businesses, and more.  

The brand also delivers special faucets like an instant hot & cold water tap with boiler & filter unit, kitchen taps with pull-out swivel spout, and more. Many kitchen taps come with a total 15 years manufacturer guarantee. 

Just Taps brand uses various types of materials, such as pure stainless steel, brass, and more to make kitchen taps. Besides that, this manufacturing company supplies products in bulk to local and international markets.  

Kitchen Faucet Options 

  • Offers multiple kitchen taps in a wide variety of finishes  
  • Several kitchen taps have insulated spouts with easy to use handle design  
  • Different models of kitchen taps with spring spout designs. 


3. Bristan

Type of Business Manufacturer
Location (Headquarters) Bristan, Birch Coppice Business Park, Dordon, Tamworth Staffordshire, B78 1SG
Year Founded 1977
Products offered Kitchen faucets, showers, bathroom fittings, and other plumbing accessories
Annual Revenue: $99 Million
Certificates: Carbon Trust Standard 10-year guarantee, WARS certification


Bristan Logo

Bristan is another kitchen tap brand that has been in the marketplace for a long time. It is most popularly known for the production of fashionable, functional, and easy to install kitchen taps. 

The brand offers one hole, two holes, and wall-mounted kitchen faucets in various designs. This kitchen tap manufacturing company builds traditional, contemporary, and even special kitchen taps. All of these models have a 10-year guarantee period. 

The manufacturing plant located in the UK produces different types of decent quality kitchen taps in bulk. In the case of local orders, this brand delivers the kitchen taps within a day. 

Kitchen Faucet Options 

  • Several collections of high neck taps, bib taps, deck taps, and bridge taps   
  • Kitchen taps are accessible in a large mixture of several finishes 
  • The brand has pull-out, pull-down, one handle, and two handle models as well 


4. Caple 

Type of Business Manufacturer
Location (Headquarters) Caple, Fourth Way, Avonmouth, Bristol, BS11 8DW
Year Founded 1995
Products offered  Kitchen faucets, kitchen interior models, bedroom accessories, sinks, and many appliances. 
Annual Revenue: <$5 Million
Certificates: ISO 45001, ISO 9001 certification


Caple Logo

Here enters another kitchen tap manufacturing company based in the United Kingdom. This brand produces kitchen taps with a 2-year minimum guarantee and allows you to expand the duration. 

The brand uses excellent quality and durable substances to manufacture kitchen taps. Apart from the ordinary models, it features unique models, like puriti filter taps, 3-in-1 steaming taps, colored taps, and more. 

Caple has numerous showrooms and retail stores in the United Kingdom and exports the kitchen taps to different countries. It gives two different payment options, which are a MasterCard and VISA. 

Kitchen Faucet Options 

  • Offers traditional kitchen taps in single control and dual control models  
  • Numerous pull-out, short spout, and long spout kitchen tap designs 
  • Produces kitchen taps that are easy to install with less maintenance 


5. Abode 

Type of Business Manufacturer
Location (Headquarters) Zenith Park, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S75 1HT 
Year Founded 2002
Products offered Kitchen faucets, kitchen accessories, kitchen sinks, bathroom taps, and showering solutions.
Annual Revenue: <US$5 Million
Certificates: WRAS Certification 


Abode Logo

Abode is another major kitchen tap manufacturer in the United Kingdom with nearly 20 years of experience. Like high-end companies, it also offers classic, stylish and traditional kitchen taps.  

This kitchen tap manufacturing company will formulate creative kitchen faucets with an elegant design. This brand has highly functional pull-around hose kitchen taps which can easily reach the sink corners. 

The brand also prepares hand-finished and hand-tested classic kitchen taps. Currently, this company exports the kitchen taps rapidly to the Mainland UK, Channel Islands, Southern Ireland, and other neighboring regions. 

Kitchen Faucet Options 

  • Special three-in-one and four-in-one Pronteau hot water tap collections 
  • Plenty of outer finishes and taps are accessible in single levers and two handle models 
  • Premium quality Aquifier water filter taps 


Sourcing Kitchen Faucets from China 

Do you think you can not afford to buy high-quality kitchen faucets as they are expensive? If so, then it is best to source decent-quality kitchen faucets at a reasonable price from a reliable kitchen faucet brand in China. 


Xiamen OLT Logo

Since it was established in 2002 in the Xiamen region of China, Xiamen OLT grew as one of the best kitchen faucet brands. Not only in China and its surroundings, but this kitchen manufacturing brand is quite popular in the international market as well. 

The brand develops durable kitchen faucets with quite creative designs and in various models to attract more customers. Some of the best products of this brand include automatic temperature control faucets, built-in sensor faucets, infrared kitchen faucets, and more. 

The TCK brand has about 5 manufacturing factories of different sizes. Half of the kitchen faucet production from the manufacturing plants is supplied to various global countries. 

Kitchen Faucet Options 

  • Uses various types of the sophisticated manufacturing system to develop unique kitchen faucets 
  • Several varieties of integrated and automatic kitchen faucets 
  • Offers product design customization choices   



After thorough research on every available kitchen faucet brand in the UK, we successfully curated this list of the best kitchen faucet manufacturing companies. You can choose products from any of the above-mentioned brands as they all produce outstanding quality, robust, and trendy kitchen faucets. 


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