Kitchen faucet

Best Kitchen Sink Faucet Brands in India

If you have started a quest for the best kitchen faucet manufacturing brand that makes decent quality, long-lasting, and highly durable kitchen faucets, then continue reading this blog.


Kitchen faucet

Despite their modest function, kitchen faucets are the fundamental and typically used fixtures in your cooking space. Even if they are accessible in a wide variety of models, consider selecting the kitchen faucets prepared from premium quality materials that are available at reasonable prices. 

With the availability of numerous kitchen sink faucet brands in India, it could be hard to locate the best kitchen faucet manufacturing brands. If you are stuck in that problem, we can provide the solution in this blog by providing the critical details of the top kitchen faucet brands in India. 

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List of the Top 5 Best Kitchen Sink Faucet Brands in India  

Want to check out the top 5 kitchen sink faucet brands in India? Then, take a look here :  

  1. Cera 
  2. VIKA Bath Fitting   
  3. ARTIZE   
  4. Alton Bath Decor  
  5. Hindware Homes 


Best Kitchen Sink Faucet Brands and Suppliers in India


1. Cera 

Type of Business Manufacturer
Location (Headquarters) 7th & 8th  Floor, B Wing, Privilon Ambli BRTS Road, ISKCON Crossroads, Ahmedabad 380059, Gujarat, India 
Year Founded 1998
Products offered Kitchen faucets, bathroom accessories, and other fittings.
Annual Revenue: 4,474.20 INR
Certificates: CE Complaint


Cera Logo

In the Indian market, Cera is one of the most prominent and leading kitchen faucet brands with plenty of customers. The manufacturing company produces stylish, durable, and long-lasting kitchen faucets. 

More than 15 different collections of single lever kitchen faucets are available. The quarter-turn kitchen faucets are accessible in 10+ single lever and twin lever designs. There is a special foot-operated kitchen faucet model with hose pipes. 

Cera has numerous brand stores and retail shops across India. All the kitchen faucets from this brand are made in India in the large-scale Cera manufacturing factory. 

Kitchen Faucet Options 

  • Half turn kitchen faucets with pillar cock and swan neck spout 
  • Various deck mounted sensor kitchen faucets 
  • Available in different designs, models, shapes, and sizes


2. Vika Bath Fitting

Type of Business Manufacturer, distributor
Location (Headquarters) C/28, Main Jagatpuri Road, near Kangra Bank, Delhi 110051, India 
Year Founded 2000
Products offered Kitchen faucets, sinks, bib faucets, showers, and other fittings.
Annual Revenue: 50 crore INR
Certificates: ISO 9001:2000 Certification


VIKA Bath Fitting Logo

Based in Delhi, VIKA Bath Fitting is another kitchen faucet brand that has been in the market for a long time. This brand produces kitchen faucets with aesthetic design and creates models which ensure smooth water flow. 

The brand uses Mirror Look Technology to make the kitchen faucet shiny and bright for longer periods. You can choose one handle or double handle models either in deck-mounted or wall-mounted styles. 

VIKA Bath Fitting’s official selling website offers different payment methods, which include Visa, PayPal, MasterCard, UPI, credit card, and debit card. 

Kitchen Faucet Options 

  • Made from different types of durable materials such as brass, ABS, and more  
  • Some kitchen faucets have a 7-Year warranty option in case of manufacturing damage 
  • A few models have a special function which is the hot and cold mixer 



Type of Business Manufacturer, Supplier
Location (Headquarters) JAQUAR GROUP Plot No.3, Sector – 11, IMT Manesar, Gurgaon, National Capital Region – 122050, India 
Year Founded 2018
Products offered Kitchen faucets, sinks, showers, flashing system, and other accessories.
Annual Revenue: 101 crore INR 
Certificates: DVGW



ARTIZE is one of the kitchen faucet brands that manufacturers modern and futuristic designs. The brand is well-known for its customized and unique collections, which are ARTIZE Signature and ARTIZE Select. 

The kitchen faucets are stylish, sleek, relatively shiny, and have an elegant design. They are available in various finishes, such as chrome-plated, stainless steel, black chrome, matte black, antique bronze, antique copper, full gold, gold dust, graphite, and white matte. 

The kitchen faucets from the ARTIZE brand are available in more than 100+ stores in various cities throughout India. The manufacturing company produces kitchen faucets on a large scale. 

Kitchen Faucet Options 

  • Several high-arc and low spout kitchen faucet models  
  • Kitchen faucets are accessible with and without Popup Waste System 
  • Offers unique floor-mounted single handle kitchen faucets 


4. Alton Bath Decor

Type of Business Manufacturer
Location (Headquarters) Plot No. 123, Sector 27-28, Industrial Area, Hisar, Haryana 125001, India
Year Founded 1988
Products offered Kitchen faucets, speciality faucets, bath faucets, showers, toilets, accessories, and other bathroom fittings.
Annual Revenue: 100,000 INR
Certificates: ISO 9001:2015 International Certification 


Alton Bath Decor Logo

Alton Bath Decor is another oldest kitchen faucet brand. This manufacturing company produces kitchen faucets with high-grade raw materials that are robust and sturdy. 

All the kitchen faucets have stainless steel and bronze construction which deters corrosion. Depending on the price, kitchen faucets are accessible in a wide range of designs, sizes, and models. 

The company manufactures all the kitchen faucets in its manufacturing plant located in India. It exports the kitchen faucets to several parts of the country and has multiple retail stores in various cities.  

Kitchen Faucet Options 

  • Numerous pull-down and pull-out kitchen faucets 
  • Kitchen faucets available in both long and short spouts  
  • The kitchen faucets are obtainable in different outer finishes 


5. Hindware Homes  

Type of Business Manufacturer
Location (Headquarters) Khasra No. 808, Tikri Kalan Extension, Delhi Rohtak Road, New Delhi 110041, India 
Year Founded 1960
Products offered Kitchen faucets, bathroom basins, water closets, bathtubs, cisterns, showers, and other fittings.
Annual Revenue: 1613.12 crore INR 
Certificates: CE certificate EN200:2008, UPC- I star rating certification, EN200, GREENPRO Certificate, WEP Certificate


Hindware Homes Logo

The Hindware kitchen faucets are manufactured as per international quality standards. All models of kitchen faucets come with a total of a 12-year warranty. Hindware Homes maintains over 400 brand shops, 2000+ certified dealers, and more than 14,000 retail stores. 

Some models have an Infrared sensor-enabled function with zero contact for ultimate hygiene. Kitchen faucets are accessible in both the short spout and long spout designs. As the kitchen faucets have automatic water sensor detection, it will be easy to save water. 

The Indian brand maintains two manufacturing factories for producing kitchen faucets. The Kaharani (Rajasthan) plant generates 3.7 million pieces annually, while Bhiwadi (Rajasthan) manufactures 0.5 million kitchen faucets every year. 

Kitchen Faucet Options 

  • Manufactures kitchen faucets in numerous models 
  • Innovation and luxurious kitchen faucets made using world-class technology 
  • Kitchen faucets have longer life cycles


Sourcing Kitchen Faucets from China 

One of the decent possible ways to get better quality kitchen faucets at a satisfactory price is to source kitchen forces from a trusted manufacturer in China.


Xiamen OLT Logo

Looking at the current demand, Xiamen OLT is one of the best-rated kitchen faucet brands in China. The brand creates stylish, durable, flexible kitchen faucets that are versatile in nature. Some kitchen faucets have features like temperature control, built-in sensor, infrared model, and so on.  

The TCK brand is notable for developing kitchen faucets from premium-quality materials. Plus, all these models have various certifications, such as SGS CE, CUPC, ISO 9001, CQC, and WARS. 

The brand has around 5 manufacturing plants that take up to 50,000 to 100,000 square meters. It supplies kitchen faucets to several regions in China, including major international markets like India, Canada, Australia, Spain, and Thailand. 

Kitchen Faucet Options 

  • Offers various wall-mounted faucets with automatic sensors  
  • Enables you to customize the design and structure of the kitchen faucet   
  • Several types of kitchen faucets with significant features 



In short, we made this list by including the carefully picked kitchen sink faucet brands in India. Though there are other manufacturers, the above 5 kitchen faucet manufacturing brands are the best when it comes to durability, material quality, and reliability of the kitchen faucets


If you have time, you can take a look at to know further information about the best-rated kitchen faucet brand.

Kitchen faucet

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