foaming hand soap not foaming

Can You Put Foam Hand Soap in a Regular Dispenser? Any Better Dispenser Choice? Answered!

Soap dispensers are often overlooked gadgets used to dispense liquid soap, although their functions are simple their mechanisms are not. Not all soap dispensers are created equal and the same is true with hand soaps. There is debate about whether foaming hand soaps can be used in regular soap dispensers.

Foaming Hand Soap Not Foaming

foaming hand soap not foaming

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Foaming hand soaps have gained popularity and are preferred as it is cost-effective since 15 to 20 % less water is used and you relatively use less soap. It is also eco-friendly, and honestly more fun and easier to use. Many say that foaming hand soaps are less effective since it is just watered down liquid soap – which they, in essence, are – yet there are those who say otherwise. As it turns out, the effectivity in question comes down to the kind of soap dispenser used for the foaming hand soap. Hint, hint. There’s a dispenser made specifically for these foaming superstars.

Difference Between Foaming Soap Dispenser and Regular Soap Dispenser

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This part aims to overweight its disadvantage more than advantage, because the point is to highlight automatic dispenser is the best option.

Foaming Soap Dispenser

foaming soap dispenser

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The foaming soap dispenser doesn’t look too different from the outside, but the mechanisms to make the soap foamy makes it look a bit more different inside. Foaming soap dispensers have two chambers, one to contain the soap and an air chamber to infuse the soap with air once pressure is applied to pump it, creating foamy soap.

Foamy soap means that people use less time lathering up their hands and it is also easier to rinse the soap off, however, foaming soaps have relatively lesser germ-killing capabilities due to the lesser or more diluted detergent in foaming soap dispensers.

Regular Soap Dispenser

regular soap dispenser

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Regular liquid soap dispensers differ slightly from appearance and functionality from foaming soap dispensers. They do not have separate air chambers, instead, when the dispenser is pumped or when pressure is applied the tube suctions soap from the bottle upwards and onto your hands.

Although liquid soaps take a bit more time and effort to work into a lather, it has bacteria-fighting properties as compared to its foaming counterpart. They are a bit pricier compared to foaming soaps since it takes more to create a thick lather, but liquid soaps have established itself as an effective substance to thoroughly clean.

What Happens if You put Foaming Soap in a Regular Dispenser?

Foaming soap dispensers are usually made for one time use only and is not ideally replaced with diluted regular liquid soap. Foaming soap also has a reputation of not being as effective as regular liquid soap since it already comes out as foam and therefore thorough washing like that of lathering up a liquid soap is no longer done.

Regular soap dispensers on the other hands are not as engaging to use as their foam soap counterparts. It requires some extra effort and time to work up a lather, as well as, to rinse off the residue.

Do Foam Soaps Need a Special Dispenser?

Foam soaps need a special dispenser. The pros of using foam soap such as the soap coming out as foam which does not take much to work into lather and is easy to rinse off are not maximized when foam soaps are dispensed from a regular soap dispenser. The foam soap comes out as liquid rather than foam because it is through the specialized foam soap dispenser that the detergent is infused with air from the air chamber creating a thick froth. It is therefore pointless to use foam soaps when it is not in its proper foam soap dispenser.

Soap Comes Out Without Being Lathered

If your foam soap comes out without being lathered then it is either a problem with how the air chamber mixes with the soap or the liquid soap itself does not have the right properties to make it into a foaming soap, it may have been altered or has degraded.

Discharge Liquid Soap Dispensers Without Control

The benefits of liquid soap is further highlighted with a soap dispenser that is hassle-free and easy to use. Imagine dispensing liquid soap without the worry of having to touch the dispenser and contaminate your already-cleansed hands. Automatic soap dispensers are available to contain and dispense your favorite liquid soaps.

Automatic Soap Dispenser

Automatic Soap Dispensers are game-changers in the hygiene world. They dispense your favorite germ-busting soaps without having to touch surfaces which may further contaminate rather than disinfect your hands.
what is automatic hand sanitizer dispenser

what is automatic hand sanitizer dispenser

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List down features of automatic soap dispenser


Automatic soap dispensers offer contaminant-free soap-dispensing. You would not have to touch soap dispenser surfaces unlike with the use of manual soap dispensers. There will be no need for pushing pumps or turning levers just to dispense liquid soap for your next handwash. It’s hassle-free and straightforward to use too.


Just like its name suggests, automatic soap dispensers are automated and no manual effort needs to be done. One must simple hover their hands below the device and the infrared sensor detects the register of the body and dispenses the soap product automatically without the need for buttons or commands.

Alcohol Free

Soap has a different way of cleansing and disinfecting the hands and other surfaces without the use of alcohol. Alcohol is therefore seldomly found in liquid or foaming soaps and their corresponding manual and automatic dispensers. There is no need for alcohol for the liquid soap to be effective.

Cost Effective

Automatic soap dispensers are optimally designed to dispense the ideal amount of product onto its users. This means that there is less wastage and all of the total amount of product dispensed is used efficiently. The device then is cost effective no matter what kind of soap is dispensed.

TCK, is a leading manufacturer of automatic soap dispensers that are efficient and cost effective. With a wide array of products and customization options, they surely have what you need.

How to Tell if a Soap Dispenser is Foaming

The touchless nature of the automatic soap dispenser means that sometimes the user may not be able to detect if it is dispensing properly. Unlike liquid soap, it is much easier to observe whether foam soaps are foaming or dispensing from your automatic soap dispenser.

Make sure to position your hands properly under the infrared sensor to activate it. The sensor works by bouncing off the infrared radiation to nearby objects, which in this case is the user’s hand. The amount of product dispensed can also be adjusted depending on the model of your automatic soap dispenser.

Convert Soap Dispenser to Foam: Best Solution

If asked, will liquid hand sanitizer work in a foam dispenser? Yes, it will. The easiest and best way for to make it work is to use automatic soap dispensers since they are made to cater to both regular liquid and foam soaps. There is no need to purchase both.

foaming hand soap not foaming

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