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Example of a modern toilet design
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Alt-text: Example of a modern toilet design

When selecting the best toilet for your home, the vast array of options can seem overwhelming. With dozens of models, styles, and features, it can be challenging to determine your best choice.

There have been known developments in toilet designs in the past five years. Minimalist bathrooms and vanities have become mainstream, while rustic and funky toilets have been able to keep up with the trend. Automatic public toilet manufacturers are also on the rise, as well.

Home designers and innovators also prioritized fitting the toilet style into the existing layout of the house. They matched cost-efficiency and style to meet the requirements of their clients. Evidently, there is a myriad selection for toilet designs, and one way of having one is by getting the service of reputable toilet manufacturers.

Some toilet manufacturers have a reputation for reliable and high-quality toilets, while others may be known for their innovative designs. See the top makers of impeccable toilets in the world today!
Best 10 American Toilet Brands & Manufacturers in the US
Listed below are some of the notable American toilet brands and manufacturers in the United States. These companies have the largest share in the toilet industry in the said country.
1. PROFLO (Ferguson)
Ferguson Logo
Image Source: Ferguson
Alt-text: Ferguson Logo

Ferguson is a remarkable manufacturer and distributor of plumbing systems. Its toilet brand PROFLO is the best toilet brand in the USA. Ferguson is based in Newport News, Virginia, and has an $18.4 billion annual revenue.
2. Kohler
Kohler Logo
Image Source: Kohler
Alt-text: Kohler Logo

Kohler is a notable bathroom and fixture brand based in Kohler, Wisconsin. Its primary products include faucets, sinks, toilets, and decorative amenities. Meanwhile, its estimated annual revenue is $7 billion. Kohler has link to some of the top portable toilet manufacturers.
3. Toto

Image Source: Toto
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Toto is a top brand of toilets, faucets, lavatories, and bidets in the United States. It manufacturers its products in Kitakyushu, Japan, and ships them worldwide. Its annual revenue is at least $5 billion.
4. American Standard

Image Source: American Standard
Alt-text: American Standard Logo

American Standard is a leading kitchen and bathroom fixtures manufacturer for commercial and residential applications. It is based in Piscataway, New Jersey, with an estimated annual revenue of $1.5 billion. It manufactures sinks, faucets, and similar fixtures.
5. Delta Faucet

Image Source: Delta Faucet
Alt-text: Delta Faucet Logo

This Indianapolis-based company is the second biggest toilet manufacturer in the United States. It has annual revenue of $570 million and distributes a myriad of bathroom and kitchen fixtures.
6. Zurn Industries

Image Source: Zurn
Alt-text: Zurn Logo

This Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based company manufactures toilets, water control systems, plumbing fixtures, and safety products for commercial and residential use. Meanwhile, its estimated annual revenue is roughly $131.5 million.
7. Niagara Corp.

Image Source: Niagara
Alt-text: Niagara Corp Logo

Notably, Niagara Corp. is a company that designs and manufactures bathroom and kitchen fixtures that feature efficient water usage. This company from Flower Mound, Texas, has an estimated annual revenue of $75 million. Niagara is also one of the premium toilet seat manufacturers.
8. Mansfield Plumbing

Image Source: Mansfield Plumbing
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Mansfield Plumbing is based in Perrysville, Ohio. It is a premier manufacturer of lavatories, bidets, urinals, toilets, and other similar amenities. It has an annual revenue of $51 million.
9. Jacuzzi

Image Source: Jacuzzi
Alt-text: Jacuzzi Logo

Jacuzzi is a global manufacturer of branded toilets, hot tubs, saunas, and bathroom amenities. Based in California, United States, Jacuzzi has an estimated annual revenue of $16 million as of 2021.
10. Briggs Plumbing

Image Source: Briggs
Alt-text: Briggs Logo

Briggs is a manufacturer and supplier of high-efficiency toilets, lavatories, and urinals in the US. Where are Briggs toilets made? They are made in Goose Creek, South Carolin. Its annual revenue is $3 million.
Best 10 European Toilet Brands & Manufacturers
The following companies are the most popular toilet brands and manufacturers in various European countries.
1. Geberit

Image Source: Geberit
Alt-text: Geberit Logo

Geberit is a leading global manufacturer of sanitary products in various European countries. It offers smart toilets and innovative bathroom fixtures. Meanwhile, the company has an annual revenue of $3.3 billion.
2. Roca

Image Source: Roca
Alt-text: Roca Logo

This company from Barcelona, Spain, is one of the oldest European toilet manufacturers. Today, it offers several toilet designs, as well as showers, baths, and bathroom furniture. Its annual revenue is $1.8 billion.
3. Duravit

Image Source: Duravit
Alt-text: Duravit Logo
Duravit is based in Hornberg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. It specializes in the production of sanitary ceramics, bathtubs, toilets, showers, and related accessories. Its annual revenue is about $500 million.
4. Villeroy And Boch

Image Source: Villeroy & Boch
Alt-text: Villeroy & Boch Logo

Headquartered in Mettlach, Saarland, Germany, the company Villeroy & Boch manufactures elegant, high-quality ceramics. This includes toilets and bathroom furniture. It has an annual revenue of $850 million.

5. Caroma Toilets (GWA)

Image Source: Caroma
Alt-text: Caroma Logo

Caroma is an Australian brand of bathroom products, such as dual-flush toilet systems. GWA International owns the brand; it manufactures its products in Europe and China. Caroma has annual revenue of $405.7 million.
6. Thetford

Image Source: Thetford
Alt-text: Thetford logo

Thetford is an international brand of toilets, cleaning products, and holding tanks. Where are Thetford toilets made? They are made in the United States. Its annual revenue is $208 million.
7. Swiss Madison

Image Source: Swiss Madison
Alt-text: Swiss Madison

Swiss Madison is also a notable bathroom and kitchen brand in Europe. But where are Swiss Madison toilets made? They are made in New Jersey, United States. The company has an annual revenue of $6 million.
8. Woodbridge

Image Source: Woodbridge
Alt-text: Woodbridge Logo
Woodbridge is an independent bathroom and kitchen brand owned by Fullest, LLC, with a $5 million annual revenue. It offers high-quality bidets, bathtubs, and toilets. Woodbridge toilets are made in New Jersey and California, United States.
9. Twyford

Image Source: Twyford
Alt-text: Twyford Logo

Twyford is a bathroom brand under the Geberit Group. It has an estimated annual revenue of $231 million. Where are Twyford toilets made? They came from Alsager, Chesire, England.
10. Parisi

Image Source: Parisi
Alt-text: Parisi Logo

Parisi is a popular brand of toilets and bathroom products in Europe. But where are Parisi toilets made? They are all designed and produced in Australia. The company has an annual revenue of $12 million.

Top 10 Toilet Manufacturers in India
The local sanitary industry in India has been steadily growing in the past years. Here are the companies that are leading the forefront for toilet manufacturing.

1. H.R. Johnson India

Image Source: H.R. Johnson
Alt-text H.R. Johnson Logo

Johnson Bathrooms is among the top toilet manufacturers in India. Based in Laxmi Niwas, Hyderabad, Johnson manufactures tiles and sanitary wares such as toilets and bathtubs. Its estimated annual revenue is $741 million. Johnson has a link to the top bio toilet manufacturers in India.
2. Hindware

Image Source: Hindware
Alt-text: Hindware Logo

Where are Hindware toilets made? They are manufactured in Gurugram, Haryana, India. As a company, Hindware has an extensive brand of kitchen and bathroom utilities. Its annual revenue is roughly $500 million.
3. Jaquar

Image Source: Jaquar
Alt-text: Jaquar Logo

Jaquar is a premier Indian brand of bathroom and lighting fixtures. But where are Jaquar toilets made? The answer is in Manesar, Gurgaon, NCR. This manufacturer’s estimated annual revenue is $670 million.
4. Cera

Image Source: Cera
Alt-text: Cera Logo

Cera is one of India’s largest bathroom suppliers, having multiple brands such as Isvea and Senator. Where are Cera toilets made? They are made in Mehsana, Gujarat. Its annual revenue is $90 million.
5. Parryware

Image Source: Parryware
Alt-text: Parryware Logo

Parryware offers a wide selection of sanitaryware, toilets, and water fixtures. It has an annual revenue of $296 million. But where are Parryware toilets made? They are made in different parts of India, such as Mumbai and Kolkata.
6. Vitra

Image Source: Vitra
Alt-text: Vitra Logo

Vitra is a local manufacturer of bathrooms and toilet systems in India, with an annual revenue of $18 million. Where are Vitra toilets made? The answer is in its plant in Delhi, with some being imported from other countries.
7. Belmonte Sanitary

Image Source: Belmonte
Alt-text: Belmonte Logo

Belmonte toilets are made in Morbi, Gujarat, India. It makes high-quality bathroom amenities, such as urinals, water closets, and wash basins. Its annual revenue is $1.8 million.
8. Socca Sanitaryware

Image Source: Socca Sanitaryware
Alt-text: Socca Sanitaryware Logo

Socca Sanitaryware is another manufacturer of toilets, basins, urinals, and water fixtures. These products are made in Gujarat, India. It has an annual revenue of $5 million. Socca offers linkages to movable toilets suppliers in the country.
9. Tessa Sanitaryware

Image Source: Tessa Sanitaryware
Al-text: Tessa Sanitaryware Logo
Tessa’s another local Indian manufacturer of toilets, faucets, and basins. It has multiple brands, which are all manufactured in Morbi, Gujarat. Its annual revenue is about $1 million.
10. RAK Ceramics

Image Source: RAK Ceramics
Al-text: RAK Ceramics Logo

Rak Ceramics is one of the biggest global ceramic brands. It has a manufacturing facility in India. It creates sanitaryware, toilets, and bathroom accessories. The estimated annual revenue of the company is about $1 billion.
Best 10 Turkish Toilet Manufacturers
Turkish ceramic manufacturers are known for their high-quality bathroom and kitchen fixtures. Meanwhile, here are some of the leading suppliers and distributors of toilets in Turkey.
1. Bocchi

Image Source: Bocchi
Alt-text: Bocchi Logo
Bocchi offers bathroom faucets, toilets, shower systems, and kitchen accessories. But where are Bocchi toilets made? The answer is in Istanbul, Turkey. Meanwhile, its annual revenue is at $5 million.
2. Creavit

Image Source: Creavit
Alt-text: Creavit Logo

Creavit is another reputable Turkish sanitary company that manufactures toilets, urinals, and bathroom amenities in its three manufacturing plants in Zonguldak, Turkey. Its annual revenue is $5.2 million.
3. Dogvit Saniteri Seramik A.S.

Image Source: Dogvit
Alt-text: Dogvit Logo

Dogvit is another top manufacturer of toilet and bathroom products in Turkey. All of its items are produced in Istanbul, Turkey. Dogvit has an annual revenue of $1 million.

Image Source: ECE BANYO
Alt-text: ECE BANYO Logo

ECE BANYO is a Turkish manufacturing company that creates ceramic toilets, washbasins, squatting pans, and complementary products. Based in Corum, Turkey, this company has an annual revenue of $66 million.

Image Source: Esvit Lapino
Alt-text: Esvit Lapino Logo
Established in 1996, the ESKISEHIR SERAMIK is a manufacturer of gorgeous toilets, basins, and wall-hung closets. All of its products are made in Eskişehir, Turkey; its annual revenue is $3 million.
6. Idevit

Image Source: Idevit
Alt-text: Idevit Logo

The Ideal Seramik Sanitary Ware Industry and Trade is a flourishing ceramic toilet and bathroom manufacturer in Turkey. It has an estimated annual revenue of $3 million. Where are Idevit toilets made? It’s made in Istanbul, Turkey.
7. Gural Vit

Image Source: Gural Vit
Alt-text: Gural Vit Logo

Gural Vit is a sanitary ware products and bathroom accessories in Turkey with an annual revenue of $5 million. Where are Gural Vit toilets made? They are made in Kütahya, Turkey.

8. Eskişehir Sanovit

Image Source: Sanovit
Alt-text: Sanovit Logo

Sanovit is a relatively new manufacturer of Turkish ceramic toilets and washbasins. Its estimated annual revenue is $3 million. Where are Sanovit toilets made? They are made in Eskişehir, Turkey.
9. Elginkan Holding A.S.

Image Source: Elginkan
Alt-text: Elginkan Logo

Elginkan is a conglomerate that manufactures a variety of sanitaryware, toilets, and bathroom accessories. The entire company’s revenue is about $215 million. Where are Elkingan toilets made? They are made in Istanbul, Turkey.
10. Turavit

Image Source: Turavit
Alt-text: Turavit Logo
Turavit, or Turan Seramik, has been making ceramic sanitaryware and toilets in the Ordu province of Turkey. Established in 1976, the company now has an annual revenue of $10 million.
Top Toilet Manufacturers: Summary
These are the top toilet manufacturers in the world right now. They are your premier source of toilets and bathroom accessories for your homes and buildings. See if any of these companies operate or distribute within your locality!

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