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Best Kitchen Faucet Brands in Canada

Do you want to find the best kitchen faucet brands in Canada so that it will be easier for you to select the premium quality kitchen faucet at a decent price? Then, scroll down to discover the top 5 best-rated kitchen faucet brands.

The purpose of the kitchen faucet is to distribute or let out water simply when turned on. However, the kitchen faucets are available in various models, styles, designs, and are made of numerous materials. Thus, you need to make sure to choose only high-quality, durable and sturdy kitchen faucets. 

As there are plenty of kitchen faucet manufacturing brands in Canada, it is not that easy to find the best-branded kitchen faucets. Because of that, we curated this blog, encompassing the crucial input of the best kitchen faucet brands. PS. Currently, you can source solid kitchen faucets made using decent quality materials from China.

Xiamen OLT Co., Ltd (TCK) is a valuable kitchen faucet brand in China and supplies nearly 50% of kitchen faucet production to several global countries. You can book an appointment here to know more about us.


List of the Top 5 Kitchen Faucet Brands in Canada  

Are you in a rush to find the best kitchen faucet brands in Canada? Then, here is the preview: 

  2. Valley Acrylic Bath LTD 
  3. Kalia  
  4. Waltec Industries 
  5. Taymor 


Best Rated Kitchen Faucet Brands and Suppliers in Canada 



Type of Business Manufacturer
Location (Headquarters) 9805 Rue Clark Montreal, Quebec, H3L 2R5, Canada
Year Founded 1986
Products offered Kitchen faucets, kitchen accessories, bathroom faucets, showers, and other plumbing accessories.
Annual Revenue: $18 Million
Certificates: ADA Compliant, cUPC Certified



AQUABRASS is a prominent kitchen faucet manufacturing brand in Canada which has been in the market for a long time. This brand produces over 15 different types of kitchen faucet collections, and every variety has various models. 

Several kitchen faucets of this brand offer 3 different stream modes: spray, aerated, and sweep. The lead-free brass construction faucets are available in various finishes, such as polished chrome, brushed nickel PVD, and brushed gold PVD. 

AQUABRASS manufactures kitchen faucets in Montreal, and it has numerous production factories. The brand quickly delivers its kitchen faucets to various countries in Canada, America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. 

Kitchen Faucet Options 

  • Produces various kitchen faucets in the fixed spout (straight spout) and rotatable spout models 
  • Some kitchen faucets have temperature lever control functions 
  • High-end kitchen faucets have solid brass construction and flexible nylon braided hose with coil 

2. Valley Acrylic Bath Ltd 

Type of Business Manufacturer
Location (Headquarters) 33778 North Railway Ave Mission, BC, V2V 1H6, Canada
Year Founded 2008
Products offered Kitchen faucets, kitchen sinks, bathroom taps, bathtubs, shower valves, basins, and other bathroom fittings.
Annual Revenue: $7 Million
Certificates: WBE Certified, ADA Compliant


Valley Acrylic Bath LTD Logo

Valley Acrylic Bath LTD is a female-owned and well-known kitchen faucet brand in Canada. The primary aim of this brand is to produce eco-friendly, environment seal, and zero waste kitchen faucets. 

Kitchen faucets are available in various models such as dual pull-out spray heads, single lever with temperature control, 360° degree swivel spout, and more. This brand makes stain-resistant, scratch-resistant, rust-resistant, and spot-resistant kitchen faucets. 

Valley Acrylic Bath LTD has numerous trading partners and suppliers across the world. The brand exports kitchen faucets to America, Southeast Asia, British, and many more. 

Kitchen Faucet Options 

  • Uses Layered Technology Process to develop kitchen faucets 
  • Features a unique Nile pot filler kitchen faucet 
  • Kitchen faucets have eco-friendly, low flow rate, and water-conserving valve 
  • Hot or Cold water lines are included in some kitchen faucet models

3. Kalia 

Type of Business Manufacturer
Location (Headquarters) Kalia inc. 1355, 2nd Street, Industrial Park Sainte-Marie (Quebec) G6E 1G9, Canada
Year Founded 2007
Products offered Kitchen faucets, kitchen accessories, bathroom faucets, shower systems, shower doors, bases, and other showering accessories.
Annual Revenue: $6 Million
Certificates: ASME A112.18.1/CSA B125.1, ANSI/NSF 61/9


Kalia Logo

Kalia is one of the leading kitchen faucet manufacturing brands based in Canada. Besides that, it has gained popularity over the years for producing functional, sturdy, and easy to install kitchen faucets

The brand delivers short spout, long spout kitchen faucets in both single lever and twin levers. Some kitchen faucet models come with an optional NERIS soap dispenser. A few high-end kitchen faucets have different finishes for handles and spouts. 

Currently, the brand supplies its products to various regions in the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia. You can purchase the kitchen faucets from the local in-stores or online stores.  

Kitchen Faucet Options 

  • All the kitchen faucets have a limited lifetime warranty 
  • Multiple models of kitchen faucets in two finishes (chrome and stainless steel PVD) 
  • Numerous pre-assembled kitchen faucets for short and easy installation 

4. Waltec Industries 

Type of Business Manufacturer, supplier 
Location (Headquarters) c/o Masco Canada, 350 South Edgeware Road, St. Thomas, ON N5P 4L1  
Year Founded 1973
Products offered Kitchen faucets, bathroom faucets, laundry faucets, tubular, showers, and other accessories.
Annual Revenue: <$5 Million
Certificates: ASME A112.18.1/CSA B125.1, ICC/ANSI A117.1


Waltec Industries Logo

Waltec Industries is also quite popular in the global market, which is a Canada-based kitchen faucet manufacturing brand. These kitchen faucets are designed in a way that lets you interchange the hot and cold stem units. 

This brand is known for producing kitchen faucets in two different types of handles: crown handles and lever handles. Half of the kitchen faucet models have direct copper inlets, while other models feature flexible supply inlets. 

Waltec Industries builds all the kitchen faucets in its large manufacturing factory. The brand in its initial years supplied the products only in Canada, but now it has a considerable value in the international market.  

Kitchen Faucet Options 

  • Durable brass construction for stability and long term use 
  • Kitchen faucets are made with a precision-engineered Waltec brass compression cartridge system
  • Both deck-mounted and wall-mounted kitchen faucets are available 

5. Taymor

Type of Business Manufacturer, supplier
Location (Headquarters) 1655 Derwent Way, Annacis Island, Delta, BC, Vancouver, V3M 6K8, Canada
Year Founded 1948
Products offered Kitchen faucets, bath faucets, utility faucets, door ware, and other bathware accessories.
Annual Revenue: $18 Million
Certificates: CSA Certified, IAPMO, WaterSense certificate, low lead compliant


Taymor Logo

Taymor is another kitchen faucet brand that manufacturers decent quality kitchen faucets in Canada. The brand produces kitchen faucets in a few different finishes: polished chrome, satin stainless steel, and matte black. 

Some high-end kitchen faucets come with dual-function, push-button control, and pull-down spray head features. You can select from one handle or two handle kitchen faucet models. 

With 70+ years of experience, Taymor company has several suppliers, distributors, and trading partners. In addition to that, the majority of kitchen faucets are exported to various cities worldwide. 

Kitchen Faucet Options 

  • Offers numerous long spout, short spout, and pull-down kitchen faucets 
  • Kitchen faucets have premium metal construction and reliable Ceramic disc cartridge
  • Easy to install kitchen faucets with little maintenance 


Sourcing Kitchen Faucets from China 

Many customers often wish to acquire kitchen faucets at an affordable price but do not want to compromise on the quality. If that is the case with you, it is better to source the kitchen faucets from a reliable manufacturing brand in China. 

Xiamen OLT Logo

Xiamen OLT has been rising as a best-rated kitchen faucet manufacturing brand in China. The company was established in the Fujian region of China in 2002, which generates an annual revenue between US$5 Million and US$10 Million. 

Currently, the TCK brand produces kitchen faucets in different sizes, designs, and models. These kitchen faucets have various certifications, including SGS CE, ISO 9001, CQC, CUPC, and WARS certificates. This brand allows product and design customization options. 

Due to the production of ingenious, creative, durable, and premium kitchen faucets, the brand is quite famous in China and global markets as well.  The company supplies nearly 50% of kitchen faucets to the primary exporting countries: India, Australia, Canada, Spain, and Thailand. All these kitchen faucets are produced in the manufacturing plant.  

Kitchen Faucet Options 

  • Versatile kitchen faucets can be used in various places  
  • Integrated, automatic, temperature control, and water outlet sensor kitchen faucets 
  • Easy to install kitchen faucets



After scanning the in-depth information on all the available kitchen faucet brands in Canada, we finally formulated this list. We have included only the best kitchen faucet manufacturing brands that meet the quality requirements. So, you can choose kitchen faucets from any of the above-mentioned brands in Canada.

You can check out as it provides you the essential information about the top kitchen faucet brand.

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