Touch-On-Touch-Off Faucet with Touch2O Technology

Delta Touchless Faucet Not Working: A Full Troubleshooting Guide

Touch-On-Touch-Off Faucet with Touch2O Technology

Image Source: Delta Faucet

Delta Touch2O Faucet

If you may have a delta touch2o faucet model in your home or are about to purchase one, this guide is first-rated troubleshooting on handling any of its models. The applicable delta touch faucet models are;

  • Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen/Bath tup Faucet with Touch2O Technology and Soap Dispenser
  • Single Handle Pull-Down Spring Sprout Kitchen Faucet with Touch2O Technology
  • Single Handle Pull-Down Faucet with Touch2O and Shield Spray Technologies

Common Delta Touch Faucet Problems

If your delta touch faucet isn’t working, here are some possible reasons/causes;


The incision of a battery pack makes a touch faucet stand out from other models. You can tell when the battery begins to die because your faucet isn’t going to work again. The LED light indicates when the battery is low. Follow the manufacturer’s manual to replace the battery.


If water isn’t flowing through your touch faucet, ensure underneath the sink is void of any clogs or blockages that could affect the complex wiring. Also, check the batteries and ensure the wires do not cross or come in contact with metal.


If the flashing light is blue, it indicates the system is functioning properly. The small red light shows the battery is low. A fully red light indicates the battery is depleted and needs to be changed.

#1 Delta Touch Faucet Not Working After Battery Replacement

Delta Touch Faucet Not Working After Battery Replacement

A fully red light on your delta touch faucet indicates that it isn’t working due to a low battery. In that case, you will need to replace/change the battery. If you have done this and the problem persists, try disconnecting your terminal from the battery and ensuring the solenoid valve is properly connected.

Reasons your delta touch faucet isn’t working due to battery could be;

  • Batteries aren’t properly inserted (positive and negative).The cable of the touch sensor and that of the
  • handle are in contact. To address this, adjust the wires appropriately.

Which Battery Pack for Delta Touch Faucet?

The battery pack for your delta touch or touchless faucet depends on the type of faucet that you have. For instance, the Touch2O kitchen faucet uses 6 AA batteries. Ordinary batteries last for about 2 years with standard usage. When the LED indicator light at the base of your faucet starts blinking red, it’s to change or replace the batteries. However, the touch faucet will still function manually if the battery pack isn’t replaced on time.

Will my Delta Touch Faucet Work Without Batteries?

Yes, a delta touch faucet can work without a battery, only that you have to operate the faucet manually. To do this, disconnect the battery pack while water runs from the faucet. Or you could remove the batteries if you have an open battery tray.

Delta Touch Faucet Battery Replacement Troubleshooting

According to the manufacturers, Delta touch faucet batteries last for about 2 years. But some users claim it’s less, between 6 months to 1 year. However, here are a few steps to replacing your battery when it starts blinking red;

  • Locate the battery pack in the cabinet under the sink.
  • Unlock the top cap of the battery box and remove the batteries.
  • Replace the new batteries and ensure the correct polarity is indicated on the box.
  • Replace the top cap and the box, ensuring it locks properly.
  • Locate the reset button inside the battery or near it.
  • Reset the button to get the faucet functioning again.
  • Test the faucet and the LED light to be sure they’re working perfectly.

#2 Delta Faucet Led Light Not Working

Delta Touch Faucet Not Working, Blinking Red Light

When the delta touchless/touch faucet starts flashing red, it signals that the battery is low and needs to be replaced. If not done on time, the faucet will switch to operating manually.

Delta Touch Faucet Blue Light Not Working

When your delta touch faucet shows blue LED light, the “Touch” sensor is active. A flashing blue LED light indicates normal mode when hands-free is activated.

Delta Touch Faucet Troubleshooting Light

Check out the step-by-step instructions for your delta touch faucet troubleshooting red light.

  • If the indicator base is always out or dim, unplug the light cable from the solenoid and look into it when the faucet is on.
  • Replace the solenoid if there’s no light. But if there’s light, plug it back and ensure it clicks into place.
  • If the light cable is broken or pinched, replace the light base.
  • If the base flashes a red light when the faucet is on or off, replace/change the battery.

#3 Delta Touch Faucet no Water

Delta Touch Faucet Blue Light on But no Water

If the blue light of your delta touch or touchless kitchen faucet is on and water isn’t flowing, the cause could be with the solenoid valve still. Before concluding on the valve issue, check the spray head inlet for debris. If dirty, clean it before replacing it.

Delta Faucet Troubleshooting Low Water Pressure

Does your delta faucet have low water pressure? It could be a result of debris from renovation and construction. Some of this debris might be too large to pass through your kitchen or lavatory faucet. Here’s a guide on how to fix it;

  • Remove the showerhead or aerator and ensure the debris screen is not blocked.
  • In addition, flush the system properly to reduce the possibility and constant occurrence of debris.

#4 Delta Touch Temperature Indicator Not Working

If your delta touch temperature indicator isn’t working, it could be that the faucet needs reset. Although, there isn’t any physical button. Just remove the battery from the pack; wait 30 seconds before replacing it. This will reset your faucet.

Delta Touch2O Debris Screen Not Working

Your delta Touch2O debris screen not working can be caused by debris clogging the screen. You may need to rinse off the screen using a toothbrush to clear the debris for easy water flow.

Delta TempSense Not Working

Delta TempSense indicator shows when water is cold, hot, or warm with a color display to help your family stay safe. If the indicator isn’t functioning, it could be dangerous for your or any family member. This fault could be technical, and you may need installation help.

Delta Faucet Touch Sensor Not Working

If one of your faucet’s delta touch or touchless sensors isn’t working, the light indicator will be affected. It could be the wires of the affected area are crossed or touching metal.

Delta Faucet Touch Troubleshooting

Turning on and off your delta faucet indicates a flashlight, showing that your device is working. But what happens if the faucet isn’t working and water not coming out? Here’s how to fix that;

  • Clear the underneath area of your sink of any clogs and blockage.
  • Ensure the water is turned on for your faucet.
  • Pull the batteries out for 30 seconds if the problem persists and reset the system.
  • Ensure the wires aren’t touching any metal. Adjust loose wires and put them in place.

#5 Delta Touch Faucet Turns on by Itself

If your delta touch or touchless faucet turns on and off by itself, it could be the grounding clips aren’t properly installed. Either the range setting is too high, or some environmental factors such as sunlight and reflections spark it.

Also, they could have been bumped off with use and not properly secured with the tape. In this case, there may be issues with water delivery.

Delta Touch Faucet Turns on by Itself Troubleshooting

If your delta touch or touchless faucet turns on due to grounding clips not properly installed, here is how to fix it;

  • If the spout is electrically connected to the sink, ensure its insulating components are in place.
  • Also, remember that the faucet automatically shuts out after 4 minutes in kitchens and 1 minute in lavatories when not in use.
  • For lavatories products, change the popup to the supplied non-conductive popup.
  • Check whether the spout and LED wires are not in contact with any metal part under the sink.
  • Finally, relocate the LED wire, spout wire, and battery wire to the back of the cabinet if the problem persists.

#6 Delta Faucets are Making Noise

When turned on, a rapid clunking or thumping noise on your faucet could mean the air is trapped in the pipes. If the pipes in your kitchen faucet shut off and vibrate with enough force, this could cause it to knock against the wood framing.

Also, if you turn on all the faucets in your home simultaneously and flush the toilet, wait for five minutes or more to allow the water to push out the air.

Delta Faucet Noise Troubleshooting

It’s established that one of the major causes of noise in your delta touch or touchless kitchen faucet is because of obstructions from pipes/lines. The delta faucet troubleshooting guide to stop the noise from your kitchen faucet include a few options, which are

  • Install water hammer arresters inside the pipe near where the noises occur.
  • If the pipes are in the basement, tighten the existing pipe strays or add more.
  • Separate copper pipes at every six feet; black steel or galvanized pipes at every 12 feet.

#7 Delta Touch Faucet Solenoid Not Working

Delta Touch Faucet Solenoid Problems

The solenoid valve connects with the touch sensor to turn the faucet on and off. If the valve is worn out, it won’t be able to pull or push effectively as expected. Once this occurs, you need to reset or replace the solenoid valve.

Delta Touch Solenoid Replacement

Your delta touch faucet solenoid can be repaired or replaced following these step-by-step instructions;

  • Locate the solenoid underneath the sink attached to the battery.
  • Disconnect the terminals on the solenoid valve.
  • Gently touch the terminals on the battery pack at the top of the solenoid a few times.
  • Rotate the pack and touch the batteries again, using the opposite polarity. This process will reset/repair the magnetic plunger to its correct position inside the solenoid.
  • Finally, reconnect the wires to the battery pack to the solenoid.

#8 Delta Touch Faucet Dripping

Delta Touch Faucet Leaking

Your delta touch faucet is designed not to leak or drip water. With normal use and depending on the water conditions in your environment, your delta touch kitchen faucet could be dripping or leaking water because of the faulty cartridge inside it. In addition, there could be debris or sediment in the faucet.

Delta Touchless Faucet Leaking Troubleshooting

If impurities or dirt from water enters the pivot valve or membrane of your delta touchless faucet, this could cause leaking. To fix this, do the following;

  • Clean the membrane or replace the pivot valve.
  • In addition, it’s important to install one-way valves and litter filters supplied with the touchless faucet.

Delta Touchless Faucet Repair & Maintenance: Common FAQs

Where is the Delta Touch Faucet Reset Button

A delta touch or touchless faucet reset button controls the LED light of your faucet. When the light blinks, red, blue, etc., will be displayed on the button. However, there is technically no reset button on some faucets. But if present, it can be seen on the battery compartment or close to it.

Can Delta touch Faucet Not Work Manually?

Delta touch or touchless faucets have sensors in the handle and spout of the touch that allows water to flow freely when tapped. A quick touch causes water to flow. Also, controlling the handle manually does not affect the water settings. The faucet will still work manually.

How Do You Bypass a Delta Touch Faucet Solenoid

To get a Lavatory Touch2O to work manually, you need to disconnect the battery box from the solenoid while the water is running. For a kitchen touch2o faucet to work manually, do the following

  • Get the water flowing first. Then detach the battery pack by opening it.
  • Remove the batteries, and the faucet will start to work manually.
  • In this case, the solenoid is opened, allowing the water to flow freely because the power has been disconnected.

How to Find and Identity Delta Faucet Model Number

The delta faucet model number is on the packaging. Look on top of the box or near the UPC code.

Are Moen and Delta the Same Company

Moen produces moderate to high-cost faucet products, while Delta specializes in designer series faucets and labeled faucet products.

Where is Delta Faucet Made?

The Delta faucet company is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, America, where all plumbing equipment and faucets are made. Also, it operates other manufacturing facilities in the US and one in China.

Who Sells Delta Faucets

Are you still finding it difficult to locate a store (online or offline) where to purchase your delta faucet products and accessories? Buy from authoritative sellers/websites like TCK. we offer a wide range of products at discounted prices.

How Much is a Delta Faucet

A simple model kitchen faucet costs around $150 to $300. For a mid-range option with multiple style choices, the price ranges from $500 to $1000.

Where to Buy Delta Faucet

The most popular products of delta faucet and where to buy them are listed below;

#1 Automatic Faucet Temperature Control

image of a digital automatic faucet temperature control

Image Source: offers wholesale options for customers who want to buy automatic faucet temperature control.

#2 Automatic Faucet Control

image of an automatic faucet control


Image Source: MindCare Store’s

You can shop/purchase your automatic faucet control on AliExpress.

#3 Automatic Kitchen Faucet

image of an automatic kitchen faucet

Image Source: iStock is an official site with millions of products. You can check customers’ views and best sellers for your automatic kitchen faucet.

#4 Wall-mounted Automatic Faucet

image of a wall-mounted touchless automatic faucet

Image Source: Bathworks Showrooms

You can shop on Wayfair, AliExpress,, etc., for all the best wall-mounted touchless automatic faucets.

#5 Temperature Sensor Faucet Light

image of temperature sensor faucet light

Image Source: Joom

For your temperature sensor faucet light, shop online at Jumia, Nigeria, for free global shopping on, AliExpress, etc. In addition, if you want to buy these products cheaper, then you can wholesale sensor tap from TCK(

Are Brizo and Delta the Same?

Brizo is made by delta, one of its luxury brands. Both companies are related. The Brizo collections are high-end plumbing products are kitchens, bathrooms, and showers.

Are Peerless and Delta the Same?

Yes, peerless is made by delta. It is one of Delta’s product lines. Peerless faucet products are as reliable and durable as other Delta Faucet brands.

Who Makes Delta Faucet?

Delta Faucet Company is an American organization that manufactures plumbing equipment. Other operating facilities are in Michigan, Morgantown, Lapeer, and Kentucky.

If you need a location outside the US, cehck out They offer OEM faucet service and have high-quality faucet products.

Delta Touchless Faucet Troubleshooting: In Summary

This is a comprehensive guide on Delta touchless bathroom/kitchen faucet troubleshooting. The reason your delta touchless kitchen or bathroom faucet isn’t working is addressed in this guide. If this delta commercial sensor faucet troubleshooting guide isn’t sufficient, you can consult your manufacturer for better assistance.

Touch-On-Touch-Off Faucet with Touch2O Technology

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