A touchless faucet in use

How to Troubleshoot Grohe Touchless Faucet That’s Not Working

Grohe Touchless Faucet Not Working: a Full Troubleshooting Guide

A touchless faucet in use

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Is your Grophe touchless faucets not working properly? This comprehensive guide will assist you every step of the way as this covers all faucet models. Knowing the workaround in troubleshooting with a Grohe touchless faucet is crucial in every household. A water fixture that has issues may reduce the likelihood of another problem when it is addressed right away. This guide is for faucets that belong to the types listed below. All types of faucet listed use Polypropylene or PP materials and have a chrome plated finish.

Why is my Grohe Touchless Faucet Not Working?

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To provide hands-free activation, touchless faucets use automated faucet controls. However, these water-saving, convenient, and grime-removing devices are prone to issues that do not occur with standard faucets. The four most common touchless faucet problems are listed below.

  • Flashing light or water is malfunctioning
  • Flashing light is working but there is no water
  • Slow water flow
  • Leaking faucet
  • Your Grohe sensor tap battery is due for a replacement (if it is battery-powered)

#1 Grohe no Hot Water

Water heaters fail to heat properly for a variety of reasons. It could be due to a leak, or sediment buildup, or it could have become unplugged. Here are a few methods to solve it.

  • Try flushing the water heater to see if that helps.
  • Check for leaks in your water heater
  • See if your water heater is properly plugged

How to Adjust the Temperature on a Grohe Faucet?

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Configuring your Grohe smart control temperature adjustment can be done in these few easy steps.

  1. Open the shut-off valve and use a thermometer to check the water temperature.
  2. Lift out cap
  3. Unscrew
  4. Remove the temperature control handle.
  5. Turn the regulating nut until the water temperature reaches 38 degrees Celsius.
  6. Install the temperature control handle so that the button faces forward.
  7. Return the screw
  8. Place back the cap.

#2 Grohe Touchless Faucet Turns on by Itself

Improper placement of the power cord may cause erratic signals to the faucet, causing it to turn on randomly. If your faucet is battery-operated, make sure that its batteries are properly placed. Loose batteries and/or cables may cause the water fixture to malfunction. Also, check your sensor mixers for dirt, it also needs cleaning to avoid issues.

How to Turn off Grohe Sensor Faucet

  • To turn off Grohe sensor faucet, find the small infrared light that sits next to an infrared detector in most automatic faucet sensors.
  • To control the flow of water, simply wave your hand in front of the sensor, and it will turn off automatically when you’re done.
  • To activate the sensor, place your cup under the faucet or wave your hand over the top.
  • To manually override the motion sensor of your Grohe faucet, simply use the lever.

#3 Grohe Faucet Stuck on Spray (50-80WC)

Grohe Ladylux Spray Head Parts Diagram

Grohe 33 755 SD0 LadyLux Cafe Pull-Out Repair Parts and Parts Breakdown

Source: Faucet Shark

Why is my Grohe Faucet Hose Stuck?

A Grohe faucet that is stuck on spray may be caused by problems with the diverter or issues from the faucet nozzle. It results in leaving spray on when faucets are not maintained well.

How Do You Remove a Grohe Faucet Hose

  • To remove the check valve, hook its center with a screwdriver and pull it up.
  • To remove any debris, flush both sides of the check valve with a strong stream of water. When you’re finished, replace the check valve.
  • To remove the flow restrictor, unscrew the spray head first for easier access. Push out the inner ring that holds the aerator in place with the tab on a Grohe faucet key, which comes with the faucet but can be purchased separately. The round part of the faucet key should now fit over the aerator’s center. Twist it counterclockwise until it completely comes out.

#4 Grohe Kitchen Faucet Flow Problems

Why Does my Grohe Faucet Low in Water Flow

Common causes of a low water flow with your Grohe faucet are aerators with accumulated mineral deposits and faucet cartridges that are due for a cleaning or replacing.

How Do You Remove Flow Restrictor from Grohe Kitchen Faucet

To remove the flow restrictor from a Grohe kitchen faucet, do the steps as follows.

  • Usually, your grohe faucet is packed with a wrench made for the removal of the aerator. Simply pop out the ring after inserting the tool between the aerator and the ring. Turn the wrench over and insert the other side into the spray head, then turn counterclockwise to remove the aerator.
  • You can also use pliers in removing the aerator. Take precautionary measures in the use of the tool by putting painter’s tape on your faucet’s finish. Now, use the pliers to rotate the aerator counterclockwise until you can use your hand to remove it.

#6 Grohe Faucet Leaking

Why is my Grohe Kitchen Faucet Leaking

The most common cause of leaky faucet is a worn-out washer. When a faucet is turned on, the washer rubs against the valve seat, causing wearing down of the component. Dripping caused by worn-out rubber washers can be replaced.

How to Fix a Leaky Grohe Bathroom Faucet

A leaky faucet is a common household problem that can be found in the kitchen, shower, or bathtub. To solve this issue, follow the step-by-step guide below.

  • First turn off your water supply, including the knobs found underneath the main lever of your water fixture
  • Use a flat-head screwdriver to unscrew the handle from the knob. If you find it difficult to loosen it, a penetrating oil may help take the handle off the stem.

Grohe Touch & Touchless Faucet Maintenance

How to Clean a Grohe Kitchen Faucet

To clean your Grohe kitchen faucet, soak your kitchen faucet with a bag of equal parts water and white vinegar overnight. This method will either fully remove build up or make your faucet easier to clean.

Grohe Ladylux Spray Head Parts Diagram

Grohe Ladylux 33 790 Pull Out Spray Kitchen Faucet Parts

Source: Grohe Ladylux 33 790

Grohe Faucet Parts List

Here, we have enlisted the repair parts of a Grohe faucet according to its model.

How to Clean Grohe Faucets

To start with the cleaning, here are the things you’ll need in the process:

  • Plastic bag
  • Rubber bands
  • Water
  • White vinegar

Once you have all the things, proceed to steps below

  • Fill your bag with a 50:50 ratio of water and white vinegar
  • Make sure that the amount can be supported by a rubber band when hanged onto the faucet.
  • Secure the bag onto the faucet head with a rubber band. Ensure that the parts with mineral build-up is fully immersed in the mixture.
  • Leave the bag overnight. Alternatively, you can leave it for 20-30 minutes. The latter will help soften grime for easier cleaning.

How to Tighten Grohe Kitchen Faucet

Your Grohe kitchen faucet requires routinely tightening due to natural wear and tear. The culprits behind a wobbly faucet are loose screws, faucet base, and o-rings due for replacement.

To tighten your faucet, it’s important to isolate the problem first. Here are the things you’ll need in finding the issue:

  • Basin wrench
  • A flashlight
  • Hand gloves
  • Mini Knife

Once you have these tools in hand, proceed to the steps below:

  • Turn off the water supply. This includes the handle in your faucet and the knobs underneath it.
  • Look for the bolt under the faucet base.
  • Adjust the basin wrench accordingly to the size of the bold needed tightening up.
  • Once your wrench is ready, proceed to tightening the bold until your faucet becomes stable in place.

Grohe Faucet Removal Instructions: How to Disassemble/Remove a Grohe Faucet?

  • First, turn off your water supply. Make sure that the knobs underneath your faucet is closed to avoid burst pipes.
  • Now, remove the handle. Many faucet types vary in handles and one of this is the existence of a screw.
  • Locate the screw then remove it with a screwdriver. If you can’t find it, there’s a good chance that you can pry it with your hands.

Grohe Touchless & Touch Faucets Maintenance: Common FAQs

Where Do I Find my Grohe Faucet Model Number?

Manufacturer information and model numbers are frequently found around the inner rim of the nozzle. If you still can’t find the model, look at the bottom of the faucet beneath your sink — this is known as the stem.

Are Grohe Faucets Guaranteed for Life?

Grohe faucets are designed with durability that can last a lifetime. All products are tested under realistic simulations within normal usage to ensure quality. This is beneficial to busy homes as it reduces the risks for replacements; thereby qualifying for reliability.

Where are Grohe Faucets Manufactured?

“Are Grohe faucets made in Germany?” You might ask. Some products are manufactured across the globe and that includes China. OEM faucet manufacturers are known for their quality without having it to be costly.

Where Can I Get Grohe Sensor Taps Price List?

Grohe sensor tap faucets with their prices

Source: Sanitec Import Ventures

Easily find Grohe sensor taps and their price list with TCK faucets. For quality with an affordable price, TCK is a reliable partner whether you’re looking for water fixtures in your residential homes or businesses.

Who Sells Grohe Faucets

If you’re looking for a Grohe faucet you can rely on, check out www.oltsw.com and their wide range of products that prioritize both quality and aesthetic. Faucets handle most of the household and sanitary tasks, and TCK’s water fixtures are made with well-researched studies to address every residential or business needs. Here are a few of the many models included

Where to Buy Grohe Faucet?

#1 Automatic Infrared Smart Faucet with Sensor Identification Number: TK-201LT21B

Automatic Infrared Smart Faucet with Sensor Identification Number: TK-201LT21B

Source: Alibaba

#2 Automatic Infrared Smart Faucet with Sensor
Identification number: Talis M54 Single lever kitchen mixer 270


TCK Bathroom Basin Touchless Stainless Steel Taps Water Tap Automatic Infrared Smart Faucet with Sensor Identification number: Talis M54 Single lever kitchen mixer 270

Source: Alibaba

#3 Hansgrohe Sensor Taps


Focus Electronic basin mixer 130 with temperature control battery operation



Source: Hansgrohe

#4 Malleco Touchless Kitchen Faucet



Malleco Touchless Kitchen Faucet

Source: Kohler

#5 Automatic Faucet Temperature Control

Touchless infrared sensor temperature control integrated automatic faucet

Source: TCK

#6 Automatic Faucet with Sensor Control

LED Touchless Sensor Tap Temperature Controlled Integrated Automatic Smart Sensor Faucet With Hot & Cold Cover Plate

Source: TCK

#7 Auto Kitchen Faucet

Pull Out Activation Wave On/Off Infrared Sensor LED Panel Automatic Kitchen Faucet

Source: TCK

#8 Wall-mounted Automatic Faucet

Wall Mounted Infrared Sensor at Water Outlet Automatic Faucet

Source: TCK

#9 Temperature Sensor Faucet Light

Self-closing Infra-red Sensor Temperature Control Integrated Automatic Faucet

Source: TCK


#10 Bath Fixture in Ambient Lighting


Bath fixture in ambient lighting

Source: TCK

Cheaper prices for faucet bulk order are available.

Grohe Touchless Faucet Troubleshooting: In Summary

This troubleshooting guide is for Grohe touchless faucet in the kitchen, bedroom, and commercial sites. If you find issues in your faucet regarding its water flow, motion sensor, leaks, etc., the first-aid solution is to check and clean where water comes from or nozzle. If the concern still persists, replace it with a new automatic water saver tap for comprehensive assistance.

A touchless faucet in use

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