Kohler Touch & Touchless Faucet Problems & Troubleshooting Guide

Kohler touch & touchless faucet

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There is no doubt about the convenience and ease of use that the touch and touchless faucet brings. However, proper maintenance of these kinds of faucets is essential to lengthen their usability. It is useful to know some essential tips and tricks to help in troubleshooting your touch and touchless faucets, be it for bathroom and kitchen use or no matter what model your faucet may be.

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Why is my Kohler Touchless Faucet Not Working

Your Kohler touchless faucet may not be in its optimum shape and you may be experiencing a few little hitches. If the water flow isn’t either not flowing or not stopping, it may be a problem with the membrane or the valve, consider cleaning or replacing them to see if the problem still persists. You may also need to replace the batteries since this is the primary cause of touchless faucets that stop working. Your batteries may have run out or are the wrong voltage, either way, it needs to be replaced.

#1 Kohler Touchless Faucet Sensor Not Working

If you sense your Kohler motion sensor kitchen faucet not working confirm it by doing the following routine checks. However, remember to proceed with caution since the product has electronic components and the connectors and pins may get damaged if not handled carefully.

  • Check if the handle is in the Open position or is perpendicular to the faucet body and not parallel.
  • Verify that the faucet is not in the manual sensor override mode, this allows the faucet to perform like a regular faucet but may prevent you from using it as a touchless faucet.
  • When using the faucet connected to an AC power adapter, make sure that the switched outlet is on. Otherwise, you may also use a regular non-switched outlet wherein the faucet may run with the use of batteries.

Kohler Motion Sensor Kitchen Faucet Troubleshooting

If your Kohler transitional kitchen faucet motion sensor is not working it may be because there are debris on the sensor, steam is detected by the sensor, or the AC power adapter is connected to a switched outlet.

  • Check first if it is connected to a switched outlet and make sure it is turned on.
  • If your sensor is still not working, see if the spout of the faucet is turned towards steam. If it is, try turning the spout away from the steam source and test if your faucet is working.
  • If your faucet is still not working, you may want to check if there is debris in the sensor. Use water and mild soap to clean out the sensor lens located in the spout’s arch. Do these steps and your motion sensor kitchen faucet will be working in no time.

#2 Kohler Touchless Faucet Stopped Working

Where are the batteries in a Kohler touchless faucet?
The Kohler touchless faucet battery pack is usually mounted beneath your faucet using a mounting screw. The batteries themselves are encased in a battery casing that has a cover for added protection.

How Long do Batteries Last in Kohler Touchless Faucet?

The average lifespan of the batteries in your Kohler touchless faucet is two years. However, depending on the frequency of use and how it is used it may last up to around five years.

How to Change Batteries in Kohler Faucet?

The Kohler faucet battery replacement is pretty straightforward.

  • Simply locate your Kohler faucet battery pack.
  • Unmount it by removing the mounting screws using a screwdriver.
  • Disconnect the wire connected to the battery pack from the power wire connected to the valve box.
  • Unlock the tab on the cover of the case and replace all the batteries.
  • Make sure to never use lithium-ion or rechargeable batteries.

#3 Kohler Faucet Handle Hard to Turn

Hard to turn faucet handles may be caused by different factors, the same goes for the faucet handles of your Kohler faucets. It may be because of friction, mineral deposits, or age.

  • Remove the handle using the step-by-step guide.
  • Clean out the handle parts and the valve with vinegar and a gentle scrub brush to gently remove build-up.
  • Lubricate the moving parts with plumber’s grease.
  • Reassemble all of the handle’s parts in their correct positions.

How to Remove Kohler Bathroom Faucet Handle

Kohler kitchen faucet handle replacement can be done by first removing the handle.

  • Carefully turn off the water supply valves.
    If there is a decorative plastic plug, gently remove it without damaging the surface using a flat lever or a screwdriver.
  • Unscrew the Phillips screw holding the handle to the valve.
    Set aside the small parts in a container so you won’t lose any.
  • Remove the parts that need to be replaced with new ones.
  • Clean and lubricate the other parts.
  • Reassemble all the parts accordingly.

#4 Kohler Kitchen Faucet Hot Water Not Working

Kohler Kitchen Faucet no Hot Water

If your kitchen faucet has no hot water, it could be caused by blockages. To fix this, first, turn off your hot water supply and place the hot water supply line over an empty bucket or container. Then, block the faucet and turn on the cold water supply. This should clear out blockages in the hot water line. You may also use high-pressure jets to unclog the supply line.

How to Fix Kohler Kitchen Faucet Low Hot Water Pressure

If you have identified that the hot water side of your kitchen faucet is the only one with low pressure there are simple solutions to fix it.

  • First, test if the problem is in your spray head. Remove it from the hose and turn on the faucet. If the water pressure is strong then the problem is in your spray head.
  • Make sure that the movable parts are mobile and that the other parts of the spray head is clean and have no build-up.
  • Otherwise, gift it a good soak in hot vinegar and brush off the built-up rust, grease, and calcium.

#5 Kohler Faucet Won’t Turn Off

As with other repairs, turn off the water inlet first. If the faucet has a handle, it may be stripped or worn off. Remove the faucet handle and replace the worn-off parts with new ones.

Kohler Touchless Faucet Manual Override

If your faucet is a touchless faucet, you can use the manual override if the problem is in the sensor. In manual mode, the sensor of the faucet is disabled or cannot be used.

  • Look for the valve box of your Kohler touchless faucet, it may be located under the sink.
  • Turn the knob of your faucet’ manual override feature clockwise to activate the Kohler touchless faucet’s manual mode. If it is a Mallorca sensor, it must be turned counterclockwise.

#6 Kohler Faucet Leaking

Is your Kohler faucet dripping? To remedy this problem, first, identify whether it is a temporary or continuous leak. If it is a temporary or intermittent leak, then there may be some build-up or debris stuck in the aerator or the screen on the faucet’s spout. If it is a continuous leak, then the cartridge that controls water flow may have been stripped off or worn out. These issues have their own fixes and must be applied accordingly.

How to Fix a Leaking Kohler Kitchen Faucet

If you have identified that the leak is continuous, then the valve or casket may be worn out or damaged. This fix can be applied to your kitchen, shower, or bathtub faucets but make sure to find the model of your faucet first, to find the exact replacement parts. Below are steps on how to fix your leaking Kohler faucet.

  • Turn off your faucet’s water supply. Make sure to turn off both cold and water valves if you have both.
  • Carefully remove the handle of your faucet along with the trim if it is connected.
  • If the o-ring of your faucet is not yet visible, you may have to remove the parts that are protecting it. Make sure to put your faucet parts in a secure container for safekeeping while repairing your faucet.
  • If the o-ring or gasket is visible and you see signs of damage or wear, replace it with a new one. You may also replace the entire mechanism that the o-ring is attached to if you prefer and if replacing the o-ring does not fix the leak.
  • Reassemble your faucet after replacement of parts.

Kohler Touch & Touchless Faucet Problems: Overview

Kohler touchless faucet parts

Image Source: Kohler

Kohler Faucet Aerator Problems

The common problem with faucet faucet aerators is that debris or build-up sometimes blocks the flow of water through the spout. This can easily be fixed by cleaning out the aerator. Turn of the faucet or water supply and careful remove your aerator. Soak it in a little hot vinegar and brush the screen with a toothbrush or a small brush to remove any build-up or debris.

Kohler Faucet Sensors Problems

Your Kohler faucet sensor problems may be caused by drained or damaged batteries or if the manual override is turned on. This may be fixed by turning off the manual mode or replacing your batteries in the battery pack.

Kohler Kitchen Faucet Spray Head Problems

Spray head problems may be due to blockages or damage in the spray head’s mechanism. Try to clean out or dislodge the spray head first before repairing or replacing the spray head parts.

Kohler Bathroom Faucet Cartridge Problems

Bathroom faucet cartridge problems may be due to the wear and tear of its parts. This usually occurs in the less durable parts like the rubber o-ring. This problem is easily fixed by replacing the O-ring or the whole cartridge.

Kohler Kitchen Faucet Hose Problems

In the care where the leak is in between the spray head and the hose, it may be because the joint has worn out. Fix this by replacing the spray head hose according to the model of your faucet.

How to Disassemble/Remove a Kohler Faucet?

  • Cut off the water supply by turning off the supply valves.
  • Turn the faucet trim counter-clockwise or unscrew the Phillips screw holding the handle to the valve. Make sure to remove the decorative covering if there is one.
  • Safe keep the small parts in a container so you won’t lose them.
  • Remove the parts that need replacement
  • Clean and lubricate the parts.
  • Put the corresponding parts back in reverse order as when you removed them.

Kohler Touchless & Touch Faucets: Common FAQs

How to Reset my Kohler Touchless Faucet

To reset your Kohler touchless faucet, turn off the water supply first. A reset is done by cutting off power supply to the control box. Once control box is located, disconnect the port connecting it to the battery pack and A/C adapter. Wait for around a minute for it to reset before reconnecting it.

How do I Identify my Kohler Faucet

The Kohler brand’s website has a database to help how to determine Kohler faucet model. You may choose from the options on the site or take a picture of your model for the site to identify which type you have.

  • Kohler malleco touchless faucet: K-R77748-SD-VS
  • Kohler graze touchless faucet: K-22068-CP
  • Kohler sensate touchless kitchen faucet: K-72218-CP
  • Kohler barossa touchless faucet: K-R78035-SD-VS
  • Kohler crue faucet touchless: K-22974-WB-CP
  • Kohler simplice touchless faucet: K-22036-CP
  • Kohler riff touchless kitchen faucet:K-23832-CP
  • Kohler geometric touchless faucet: K-13466-CP
  • Kohler setra touchless faucet: K-R22898-SD-CP

Are Kohler Faucets Guaranteed for Life

Kohler faucets have a lifetime warranty for their faucet models that were manufactured after the 1st of January 1997. This means they guarantee that the faucets will not leak or drip during the consumer’s usage. If leaks do occur, the company will mail the customer the needed cartridge to fix the leak for free.

Where are Kohler Faucets Manufactured?

Some of the Kohler faucets are manufactured in the world’s factory, China. The country also produces OEM faucet services that produce top-grade faucets that rival Kohler’s quality for a fraction of the cost.

Who Sells Kohler Faucets?

You may purchase Kohler faucets from the Kohler brand in your area, just visit Kohler.com. However, you may also order from faucet factory since they offer a variety of Kohler products fresh from the source. They offer the highest quality faucets for your kitchen, bathroom, and shower needs.

Where to Buy Kohler Faucets

The Kohler website has listings for their popular products such as :

Kohler Malleco Touchless Faucet

Kohler malleco touchless faucet

Image Source: Kohler

Kohler Graze Touchless Faucet

Kohler graze touchless faucet

Image Source: Kohler

Kohler Sensate Touchless Kitchen Faucet

Kohler sensate touchless kitchen faucet

Image Source: Kohler

Kohler Barossa Touchless Faucet

Kohler barossa touchless faucet

Image Source: Kohler

Kohler Crue Faucet Touchless


Kohler crue faucet touchless

Image Source: Kohler

Kohler Simplices Touchless Faucet


Kohler simplice touchless faucet

Image Source: Kohler

Kohler Riff Touchless Kitchen Faucet

Kohler riff touchless kitchen faucet

Image Source: Kohler

Kohler Geometric Touchless Faucet

Kohler geometric touchless faucet

Image Source: Kohler

Kohler Setra Touchless Faucet

Kohler setra touchless faucet

Image Source: Kohler

If the above products are not to your taste or satisfaction, TCK also has options that are at par and even better than the name-brand ones. They have:

#1 Automatic faucet temperature control that will suit the hottest and most frigid homes.


automatic faucet temperature control

Image Source: TCK


#2 Automatic faucet with sensor touch for ease of use and convenience throughout the house.


automatic faucet control

Image Source: TCK


#3 Auto Kitchen Faucet for your kitchen faucet needs


TCK Automatic kitchen faucet

Image Source: TCK 

#4 Wall mounted automatic faucet for bathroom and lavatory rooms in commercial projects.


TCK Wall-mounted faucet


Image Source: TCK

#5 Temperature sensor faucet with led light that is is ideal for restrooms and bathroom in high end occasions.


temperature sensor faucet light

Image Source: TCK


If you want even better and cheaper deals, consider buying the wholesale sensor tap.

Kohler Touch & Touchless Faucet Troubleshooting: In Summary

This is a one-stop guide for any touch and touchless kitchen, bathroom, or commercial faucet issues and inquiries. It aims to solve all troubleshooting needs and will provide you with comprehensive step-by-step instructions to guide you through your faucet repair DIYs. For further detail regarding your concern or if your queries were not answered by this thorough guide, do not hesitate to visit https://www.oltsw.com.


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