Where Are Toilets Made|Toilet Manufacturers & Brands Worldwide

Image of modern toilet and facilities

  When selecting the best toilet for your home, the vast array of options can seem overwhelming. With dozens of models, styles, and features, it can be challenging to determine your best choice. There have been known developments in toilet designs in the past five years. Minimalist bathrooms and vanities have become mainstream, while rustic […]

Why Is Tap Water Better Than Bottled Water: Bottled Water vs. Tap Water

Pouring Fresh Tap Water Into a Glass

With the increasing environmental impact of plastic bottles, many are beginning to question the advantages of tap water over bottled water. Some prefer tap water because it’s safe, tastes better, is affordable, etc. These are some factors that make tap water better than bottled water. Read further as we discuss the difference between tap and […]

Bathtub Tap Won’t Turn Off: Why It and What To Do

Leaking bathtub faucet

Image Source: Alpha builders Bathtub taps that won’t turn off are an annoying problem to have and one that can lead to a lot of frustration. This guide will help you diagnose the problem, understand the cause, and learn how to fix it. Bathtub Faucet Won’t Turn Off: 4 Causes If you have a bathtub […]

Spigot vs Tap vs Faucet: What’s Their Differences?

Spigot vs. tap vs. faucet

Image Source: iStockPhoto As a homeowner, you must understand the differences between spigots, taps, and faucets. While these terms are often used interchangeably, they have distinct differences and functions. Knowing these differences is essential if you want to purchase any plumbing fixture or make any repairs. Spigot Image Source: iStockPhoto What’s a Water Spigot A […]

Farm Sink Faucet Ideas: Best 10 Looks for Your Farmhouse Kitchen

rustic kitchen faucet

Farmhouse sinks are classic interior design elements in the kitchen that have slowly made their way to modern homes. For a statement piece of a fixture in your kitchen, the faucet for farmhouse sink must also follow suit. Read on to know what is the best faucet for a farmhouse sink. Rustic Kitchen Faucet Image […]

Top 20 Bathroom Fittings Brands in India

Top 20 bathroom fittings brands in India

Image Source: Canva Want to find a brand of bathroom fixtures that will make your space appear elegant and expensive? Given how seldom you’re likely to need to replace them, bathroom fixtures are one area where you definitely don’t want to skimp. Whether you are a wholesaler, distributor, supplier, or brand owner, this article is […]

What Side is Hot Water on a Faucet


Image Source: Mental Floss When someone is trying to explain how hot water should work in a plumbing system, they can get pretty complicated. That’s why it’s best to keep it simple. I’m talking about the side of the faucet that the water should be flowing out of. How Does Water Move Through Your House […]

Moen vs Delta: Which is Better?

moen vs delta:which is better?

  Image Source: Plumbingways As two of the leading brands of shower faucet makers, it is no surprise that Moen and Delta faucets are often compared. They each have their own strengths, distinct appearances, and functionalities. However, the long-standing question among consumers still remain. Is Delta or Moen a better faucet? Find out below. Moen […]

What Size are Faucet Supply Lines (for all faucets)

faucet supply line

Have you ever seen a faucet supply line (the lower supply line) and wondered what size it is? This is important as you might need to replace the supply line. Luckily this article will help you figure out the size of your faucet supply lines. What is a Faucet Supply Line? Image source: Ifixit What […]

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