moen vs delta:which is better?

moen vs delta:which is better?

Image Source: Plumbingways As two of the leading brands of shower faucet makers, it is no surprise that Moen and Delta faucets are often compared. They each have their own strengths, distinct appearances, and functionalities. However, the long-standing question among consumers still remain. Is Delta or Moen a better faucet? Find out below. Moen overview …

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Image of different toilets

5 Type of Toilets

Choosing the right toilet for your bathroom is best and can save you from wasting money on features you’ll replace. Although toilets aren’t something popular you should be discussing, they’re what we all use daily. However, your choice becomes very important, keeping in that some last half a century, while some last less than a …

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Smart toilet

What are smart toilets?

Image Source: Carousell The term “smart toilet” is used to describe a toilet that has some kind of intelligent technology built into it. Smart toilets have sensors built into them that can detect when someone is sitting on the toilet, and can be programmed to flush automatically after a certain amount of time. Smart toilets …

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why is my automatic soap dispenser not working?Problem Solved

Why is my automatic soap dispenser not working? Problem Solved

Image Source: Pexels Soap dispensers are unsung heroes in the hygiene world. They provide fuss-free container for storing and dispensing soap for easy handwashing. Nowadays, many kinds of soap dispensers abound the market, some of them require manual pumping, while some others are touchless or automatic. A common question among soap dispenser users is, why …

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