Wall mounted faucets pros and cons: are wall mount faucets worth it?

What is a wall mounted faucet? Image Source: Life On Beacon A wall-mounted faucet is a sink fixture that is installed directly on the wall and does not require a separate base to hold it up. This type of faucet can be installed in any room, including bathrooms and kitchens. It has an elegant appearance […]

Roman Tub Faucet: What It Is And More You Need to Know Before Buying

Roman tub faucets are usually associated with quality and luxury and are a perfect way to bring value to your bathroom. This tub faucet comes in different installation types, materials, options, finishes, etc., and is considered the best for bathtubs because of its unique design and distinct elegance. Whether your bathtub has holes or not, […]

Delta Touchless Faucet Not Working: A Full Troubleshooting Guide

Image Source: Delta Faucet Delta Touch2O Faucet If you may have a delta touch2o faucet model in your home or are about to purchase one, this guide is first-rated troubleshooting on handling any of its models. The applicable delta touch faucet models are; Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen/Bathrp Faucet with Touch2O Technology and Soap Dispenser Single […]

Kohler touch & touchless faucet problems & troubleshooting guide

Image Source: Unsplash There is no doubt about the convenience and ease of use that the touch and touchless faucet brings. However, proper maintenance of these kinds of faucets is essential to lengthen their usability. It is useful to know some essential tips and tricks to help in troubleshooting your touch and touchless faucets, be […]

Pull-down vs Pull-out Faucet: which one and how to choose for your kitchen

Pull down kitchen faucet

Source: Faucet.com Did you know that the kitchen is the most frequently used room in the house? Some say it is the heart of a home. Therefore, it is only just that it is paired with a quality-made kitchen faucet that can maximize your every space while considering its design of course. Pull down VS […]

Kitchen Faucet Flow Rate Guide (Lowest, Average, Highest All Included)

Image Source: iStockphoto Faucet Flow Flow rate is an essential aspect of every water-related implement in your home, such as faucets. Specifically, we define flow rate as the “rate of water that flows from a source. Flow rates determine water pressure, which, in turn, will let you know whether or not a particular fixture can […]

Widespread vs Centerset Faucet: Differences, Installation & More – TCK

Retrofitting your bathroom with modern faucets mainly involves your style preferences. However, choosing between the faucet type and functionality also matters. As a homeowner, getting the right type of faucet ensures that your fixtures are not only aesthetically pleasing but also pack excellent usability, be they are auto faucets. Popular faucet types include widespread and […]

Chrome vs Stainless steel vs Brushed nickel faucet: Which faucet is better?

Know the difference between chrome versus stainless steel kitchen faucets and decide what could be better for your home!   Image Source: Pinterest Faucets that are outdated, inefficient, or even unattractive should be replaced to prevent future issues. Faucets in the most well-known finishes—gold, brushed nickel, and black matte—deserve special mention. There will be a […]

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