Image of different toilets

5 Type of Toilets

Choosing the right toilet for your bathroom is best and can save you from wasting money on features you’ll replace. Although toilets aren’t something popular you should be discussing, they’re what we all use daily. However, your choice becomes very

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Smart toilet

What are Smart Toilets?

Image Source: Carousell The term “smart toilet” is used to describe a toilet that has some kind of intelligent technology built into it. Smart toilets have sensors built into them that can detect when someone is sitting on the toilet,

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black waterfall faucet

What Is a Waterfall Faucet?

Image Source: Pinterest Waterfall taps have wide and flat spouts that make the water flow more naturally. They use lower water pressure, resulting in fewer splashes and reduced water usage. They come in many configurations, ranging from deck-mounted to freestanding

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